semanticscoffeecupThat’s how I feel some days. Not enough coffee.

My day started off okay, then it went MONDAY!

I got two posts done and realised that I had to go to town and get my ink cartridges refilled. Okay, did a quick change and put some pants on and off I went. Refilled cartridges in hand, I went across to the sushi shop, great, they had some short grain rice. I had to get three folders and a hole punch, got those and my tummy began to rumble… oh it’s 11:30. Lunch, and I was home by 1pm.

Dinky little thing, but the ink goes everywhere!

Dinky little thing, but the ink goes everywhere!

That was when I discovered the black ink cartridge had leaked, my hands were black. Fixed that. That’s when i discovered that the colour cartridge wouldn’t work.

Bugger! Nap-fu practise was called for.

The next hour was spent scanning and printing. I even screwed that up… more than once. Stupid things like printing the wrong page back-to-back.

I finally got it right.

By then it was time for work, 4pm. The day had gone. I don’t know where, it just went.

First thing my pupil asked. “What happened to your hands?” They were a bit of a mess.

So here I am at bedtime trying to keep my eyes open and using hunt ‘n punch typing techniques.

I see some conservative bishops at this Catholic conference thingy are calling the recommendations for relaxing things in relation to gays are calling it a betrayal. High time some of these doddery old bastards were put out to pasture, and let the world get on with it.

As I predicted, Israel is a little more than miffed that British MPs voted to follow Sweden in recognising the State of Palestine. Is Israel on the way to finding itself an outcast? When traditional supporters like Britain hop across the table, it would seem so. And after Israel’s recent brutal attacks, I’m not suprised.

For the last couple of years there has been a fear of radicalised Muslim schools in Britain. Several have been the subject of rigorous checking to see if they fit in with the overall British scheme of things, and they aren’t. Now, the Jewish conservative schools are jumping up and down because similar checks have been made on three of them, and found that they too were failing badly to prepare their pupils for modern British life. What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander.

Now I think I can safely go to bed.