Screwed in so many ways

Screwed in so many ways

Of course, it’s Monday, one should expect it.

I found out this morning that today is Dia de comércio (Business Day), not last Monday as I thought.

After needing to go to the supermarket since Friday, I procrastinated; Saturday, I procrastinated again, and again yesterday. When the situation finally got desperate and I resolved to go today, my neighbour informs me that the supermarket is closed for the business holiday.

So, it looks like tomorrow.

I needed bread, the breadman didn’t pass, I went to the bar in the next street to get bread. I’m out of fizzy water. I now have bread, I have little else.

Lits List of things to do today…

Get fizzy water.

Change the wall clock.

Take something to eat out of the freezer.

The dishes.

Learn how to spell!

Go back to bed and start the day over.

Monday, it could only happen on a Monday!

I managed to get fizzy water at the botequim. I was surprised he was open, when I enquired why, he said I’m not a business, I’m a social service…. True, true.

Lunch will happen. I’ve just prised a small pack of thin steak from the freezer drawer where it had cemented itself in ice during the last defrost. So weinerschnitzel is on the menu. I won’t starve.

We got a little rain overnight. Not much, but it has perked the bushes up, they were looking rather sad. But the storms promised for today have yet to manifest.

LonglivescotlandSex, we all know about sex. But have you ever wondered when did sex start?

No? Me neither. That is until I saw the answer this morning. The Scots invented sex; even though they weren’t flying the flag of St Andrew at the time.

Apparently, sex began in a Scottish lake 385,000,000 years ago. So when they say sex is as old as the hills, they’re damned near right.

You can read about it on the Tomus post this morning.

Australia is in the silly box today. Abbott’s policy of ‘fossil fuels are good for humanity’ is back firing. Many businesses and institutions are divesting themselves of investments in companies that rely on fossil fuels in a collective demonstration that Australians care about the environment even if he doesn’t, or is too stupid to care. Personally, I think the latter.

The sky has clouded over; a bit like my mind at the moment. And there is a little wind; a bit like my…. oh never mind. Maybe we will get the stormy weather later.

I shall go and watch the clouds from the veranda of the botequim.