a.aaa-Wheres-the-coffeeI have been busy this morning reducing the amount of fresh coffee available in the world.

Oh, come on, you didn’t think that I was reducing coffee… seriously?

It’s Monday, I need double doses.

Well, aside from the pleasantries of sushi and beer at the botequim, much of yesterday centred around election mania. Conversations varied from quiet commentary to pitched feverish debates; only stopping short of fisticuffs.

The election upshot was we got the incumbent idiot back, the religious bigot was sent back with his tail between his legs like the cur he is.

I have just seen the breakdown of results. The bigot, who was a bishop in the Igreja Universal (Universal Church of Christ) which is the biggest evangelical church in the country, did better in the polls in suburbs where the various evangelical churches proliferate, that is the poor areas. These are churches that steal billions in tithes from the poor in Brazil in the name of Jesus… oh and that’s not an annual figure, it’s monthly.

But the upshot is that because he was running for governor, he had to resign his seat in the senate as well, so he’s out of politics for the time being. I guarantee that he goes running back to the church for a living.

The Village Idot poses for selfies

The Village Idot poses for selfies

So we’ve got the village idiot back.

The other electoral news is that the blonde bimbo scraped through with less than 2% of the vote to keep her derrière warming the presidential seat

I really thought the Brazilian was a little more intelligent, and realised it was time for a change. Especially after the exposé during the week that both the blonde bimbo and her predecessor knew all the details of the Petrobras funding scandal, which she has gone on record to deny calling the report political assasination.

My view is that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

So the weekend finished on a high note and a low note.

I went to the botequim again before bed and watched the final results of the election, one beer and back home to bed.

Hungarians are angry at the proposals by the government to tax data downloads.

Nap-fu practice completed with excellence.

I just had a treat. Yesterday I used spring onion greens in the sushi, today I ate the onion parts dipped in salt with bread ‘n butter. Nostalgia, a taste from my childhood. My father liked them like that, and I am my father’s son.

Time has rolled along, I have a feeling in my water that it’s beer o’clock. The sun is out so I shall enjoy it sitting on the botequim veranda watching nothing happen in the park.

Whoops, too late… the clouds just shut out the sun. So I’ll go and wait for it to come out again.