About this hot

About this hot

And, I was rudely awakened by thunder.

Today started off well, cloudy and cool, then it became an inferno. Dante would have felt at home.

We were promised 36ºC, the highest in the country.

Bt the time I got home from the supermarket, it was 40ish+Cº (106ºF)

I rushed to put the things that required refrigerating into the fridge and went next door to rehydrate for an hour before Nap-fu practice.

The next thing, I am rudely awakened by thunder.

I sincerely hope it rains, and rains a lot, because the plants in the praça need it badly.

They tell us there is no inflation. I paid my bill at the botequim… 2xbeer, 3xsmall bottles of soda (for the kids) and 2x cigarettes. I proffered R$25. Raimundo apologised when he gave me a miserable 35 centavos change.

Well, easy come, easy go as the saying goes.

beamazingI feel like I should be doing something amazing.

But in this heat it is hard.

Unless, you count the dishes and watering the plants.

I just poked my nose out the gate to investigate the noise, the kids are barefoot in the street dancing on the asphalt to avoid the heat. Another negative for our new asphalted street. The old parallelapipado (cobblestones) never got hot like that.

At least it will be a little cooler when I have to go to work at 6pm, and there will be some shade along the way.

Tonight is Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

In the silly box today… Britain. They are talking about putting calories on wine and beer, etc in an effort to combat obesity. The fools. Ban all forms of soda that use HFCS, is the amswer. How do I know this? I have given up all Coca Cola and shit in favour of sparkling mineral water. I still drink beer and wine. The weight is dropping off. Yes, another silly idea by politicians. They really are a bunch of wankers.

After tens of thousands took to the street on Tuesday regalling the internet tax in Hungary, they’ve dropped the idea. I guess they realised it wasn’t popular.

Chile has become the latest country to move marijuana laws. It is now pemitted to grow medicinal cannabis.

The music stinks too

The music stinks too

Next week Rio is playing host to Skank, a Brazilian band… the way they pronouce Skank in Portuguese it sounds like sunk.

They expect thousands to enjoy the smell music.

Today at the botequim, a young lad entered with his shorts at halfmast showing off his underwear as is the current craze. When he spoke to me, I told him that when he learns to wear his clothes properly, I’ll talk to him…

And I wonder why they call me a velho caduco (grumpy old man). I hate that.

Britain is paying off some of its debt… wait for it… for WW I.

My guava trees are blossoming like crazy.

Laden with blossoms

Laden with blossoms

Keeping the little fruit bees busy as… well, bees. These flowers I took yesterday are already dead ready to produce little guava.

It’s 4pm, I have a couple of blogs to post on before work, so I will move right along.