runThis’ll be short. It’s 15 minutes until tomorrow.

Another successfully screwed up Saturday; and another day for Dante and his inferno.

After class it was Nap-fu practice, then awakened by the heat, it was off to the botequim. I made some carpaccio filled with asparagus and capers for snacks.

The last thing on my mind was blogging. I managed one before class, and I have just finished the other eight; this is the last for the day.

November is upon us Tomorrow is Finados (Day of the Dead) where people will be visiting cemeteries for their annual pilgrimage.

I have just read that 2% of Anglican clergy admit to thinking that religion was concocted by man. Well, we’ve just got the other 98% to convince. Then we have to start on the Catholics…

It’s so hot that I’m going for a walk around the praça before trying to sleep.