COFFEE-1Not only unfogged, but really pissed off!

I had this post ready to publish, and inadvertantly closed the editor. I wasn’t too worried because when I have reopened the editor it has lead me to a post already pending. This time it didn’t. No autosave-draft, nothing.

So, no other recourse but to start again; and I don’t really feel like it.

I remember that it has my coffee welcome.

I remember that I was woken early by someone calling me from the gate, but there was no-one there; spooky. But then it’s the Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, so I suppose one should expect spooky things.

I remember the mindless babble of the laundry lady as she was sewing up a sleeve on a shirt that was threatening to part company from the parent garment.

I remember that I am having a BBQ lunch.

I remember telling you about last week’s solar flare, but the link is gone now.

I remember that I was sweating at 8am, and that I had already watered the plants.

I remember telling you that it is 105 days since we have had meaningful rain.

cogsinactionBut, I’m buggered if I remember anything else.

It’s Sunday, but it doesn’t feel like it.

Oh, shit, I’m giving up. I hate trying to rewrite something that’s been lost. It really bugs me.

A new palace is being built for the Bolivian president at a cost of $36m. The old colonial palace will become a museum.

A woman has been jailed for a year in Iran for watching a men’s volleyball game. Worthy of the silly box today. Why can’t these people claw their way into the 21st Century.

The rest of the news is a no-brainer.

So the laundry lady is due to leave; I’ll have the house to myself again. Peace and quiet.

Bidding you a frustrated – Later.