A mreagre breakfast

A meagre breakfast, rather Bohemian

Yes, there is still time to get a post off.

I will come in instalments as the new progresses.

This morning as I looked in the fridge, I was faced with the need to go to the supermarket.

My breakfast appeared meagre.

Cold pizza sandwich and beer. I could, of course, have heated the pizza and made a real banquet.

But I didn’t. I opted for Nap-fu practice instead, and I am pleased to report that the pizza and beer are still in the fridge.

Bugger! that was supposed to be a save draft…

My internet has been playing up all day with the need to log-in every so often, so rather than risk the losing of another post, I decided to save the draf, and it reverted to post immediately.

There are some things I can’t quite graps with this new publisher.

the-night-i-lost-controlThere will be updates as the night progresses. Sorry if it bugs you, but I am not amused and this could well be the night I lose control.

I did get to the supermarket after a parsley and cheese omelette for lunch.

I spent far too much money, but there were some irresistable things like the last two bottles of Bohemia Imperial at R$14 each, then I found three bottles of Lea & perrins Worcestershire Sauce, the last three at R$9 each (it’s R$14 at the other supermarket). Dijon mustard, a great BBQ knife, a 12″er that I have been hankering after for years at R$29… I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

Blimey, I’m getting Likes, and I haven’t even finished yet…

This is defintely a work in progress.

The good news is that a cold front is approaching and late afternoon the sky cloued over with the temperature dropping 10ºC. Hopefully we will get some much wanted rain out of this.

The silly box has a candidate, a school in England suspended 152 pupils for wearing the wrong uniform… I haven’t read the full story, because it appeared so banal.

Well, in that break I managed to wash some dishes, break one of the shot glasses that I bought today, and have a pee.

Kim-jong-un-ill of North Korea is unill now. He can walk by himself. Wow, that is so newsworthy.

Agilkia is the name for the landing spot on the comet. Apparently named after an island in the Nile River. I still think that X was a good name, it marks the spot.

There’s not a lot more.

I’ll continue to ramble on tomorrow. If I make many more updates, you’ll really get up tight.