On edge looking into the abyss

On edge looking into the abyss

Nerves aren’t exactly on edge, but I must admit, that the uncertainty has knocked the wind out of my sails, a bit… but life goes on. 🙂 One must keep smiling; it’s called putting up a brave front. As I said to a comment on yesterday’s post.

I am waiting for a lawyer to return my call to help me negociate the beaurocracy protocols involved.

So, I am not pulling your collective legs as Yvonne thought I may have been.

I am hoping that nothing happens before Monday, a last weekend of beer and BBQ would be nice.I

The day promises to be hot again, but they have also said there will be rain in the late afternoon. I hope it’s more than the pathetic drops we got the other night.

But to be sure, I have watered the plants, all are well and smiling.

I’m not sure if I have class this evening the change in at the factory has left so much up in the air. The students don’t know where they stand, and that means the teacher doesn’t either. This change means that I am losing a few students, but also some want to continue privately. It all affects my salary, and so close to the silly season.

My reference yesterday – those nice young men in their clean white coats… they’re coming to take me away ha ha! Comes from an old song, for those of you too young to remember it…

There, at least I’m not being taken to the funny farm… yet.

I’m going to blog along for a bit, then Nap-fu practice.

Myabe I’ll update later.