Taxis everwhere, but when you want one...

Taxis everwhere, but when you want one…


All good intentions, but ultimately, I failed.

Yesterday, was spent waiting on people. Waiting for a taxi, waiting in an office, waiting for a taxi again, waiting for a phone call. It was while I was waiting for the phone call that I made the fatal mistake of going to the botequim for a beer. That beer became two…

Some fool suggested that one of my BBQs would be agreat idea on this cool cloudy day. I am so weak. I agreed with him; and as the afternoon had rolled along to become late afternoon and still no phone call, the BBQ was lit.

Here endeth my pathetic excuse for abandoning all who enter these hallowed halls of the ethernet.

We are into our second day of cool, some meaningful rain, the plants in the praça are already perking up.

Now it is Saturday, the 15th, here in Brazil it is a public holiday; Proclamação da República Brasileira (Proclamation of the Republic of Brazil. But I am working. My students decided to have class this Saturday instead of next which would have messed up a four-day weekend for them; Thursday (another public holiday), Friday where nobody works before the weekend, and the weekend itself). So that gives me a five-day weekend… I win!

Time to go and shower and get ready for work.

Maybe later.