The future of coffee

Not 100%, but certainly better than yesterday.

At least the scientific principle of “every action has an opposite and equal reaction” means I no longer fart when I sneeze or cough.

I am still drinking tea… Oh, I miss my coffee. I slept almost 7pm to 8am.

Yesterday, I drank wine, no beer, too cold. I watched the Flamengo game, good result 3-2 to us, and by then I was done in. So it was home to bed.

Is this to be the future of coffee?

I hope I never see it.

There are some things in this world that leave me appalled, this would be one of them.

I did get some good news yesterday. After all my trials and tribulations of the past weeks in getting photos, etc right, my passport has been processed and is winging its way across the globe to me. So that solves half my problems. The service was quite quick, they estimated 10 working days, but it was less than a week.

I have just been for a short constitutional around the park in the sun. Yes, there is sun today, although there are still some ominous clouds lurking overhead. It exhausted me, so I’m going to take a Nap-fu break, back soon…

Noisy little baskets

Noisy little baskets

Woken by the insane twittering of sparrows on my fence in courtship. Which can’t be measured against Yvonne’s raucous kookaburra from yesterday (comment), but it’s what I got.

I need more tea.

UEFA is talking about abandoning FIFA over this report, and there are calls for Europe to boycott the World Cup. The crunch is coming.

So this is what you are going to get for now.

I’m going to drink my tea at the botequim and watch the ominous clouds.

Maybe later/maybe not.