A day full of excitement.

First of all a quiet lunchtime tipple became the event of the day when  we heard the ‘Whoo-whoo!” of the bombeiros (firetruck) and the bright red machine appeared around the bend in our street. We all searched in vain for the telltale smoke that normally heralds the need for firemen. Nothing to be seen.

Eventually the stopped at an empty lot about 100 metres away. Still no smoke. We surmised that maybe a hoard of bees or wasps was the cause.

But after an inspection, they got a lasso on a pole from the truck and a big green net.

Capybara - world's biggest rodent

Capybara – world’s biggest rodent

I wandered down to see the action. Other bystanders said it was a capybara (biggest guinea pig you’ll ever see) hidden in the tall weeds. Okay, a capybara, I was non-plussed as I had seen plenty of them in the Pantanal. But in a residential section, they were a rarity. They like swampy ground, and we surmised that it had got into our area by the creek that runs beside the bar.

It gave the firemen the slip and ran off up the street, with several people in hot pursuit. Apparently in another lot it gave them the slip again before being finally caught a half hour later in the street.

The fugitive was then paraded in front of the bar in a cage on a fire-pick up. It was an adult about the size of a large dog like a rottweiller.

Show over, folks, back to the serious business of beer and a post mortem of the events.

It was a rainy day. Lunch was a paella and a bottle of wine.

A late afternoon BBQ was mooted. And, another bottle of wine. It was that second bottle of wine which was the real reason I didnt get to post on Wednesday.

I went home to bed.



The PC died and the fan came to a standstill, waking me instantly.

Another BANG! and a shower of big green sparks outside my gate.

Dressed and outside in the darkness. The botequim was in darkness, my candle made two.

After a half hour, the lights flickered on briefly.

Then on the street at the side of the praça, BANG! A huge red lash, and the high tension lines weher swaying crazily, tehn BANG! again in front of my house and another shower of bright green sparks as the swaying HT lines swung together and hit.

The lights went out again.

At midnight a power utility vehicle showed up.

The weight of the rain had made branches on one of the trees fall over the HT lines. The bar closed and I went home again. The power was eventually restored at 1am.

No net…

In the morning still no net. I rang the ISP. The power surge had melted some of their equipment.

So I spent the day twiddling my thumbs. I have come to the conclusion that a PC without net, is useless.

Finally at work last night I managed yesterday’s little post. Couldn’t do much else, I was teaching at the time.

Cool day today, day off…

Wonder what the day will bring?