I had a couple of ideas, but a bottle of beer and Nap-fu practice, and they have gone.

It’s Monday and so far only good things.

My fridge is fixed, it’s back in its corner fridgificating.

I can now venture out and buy food. But not at this late hour. 4pm and the supermarket will be packed. So pizza for dinner tonight.

Today was another day that started off hot. 7am and I was sitting here sweating, it was litteraly running down my face until I turned the fan back on. But it’s cooled off since lunchtime and is now cloudy.

Jungle tobacco

Jungle tobacco

I am trying some jungle tobacco. I found it in the shop that sells sushi stuff. It’s cheap and it is pure leaf, no nasty chemicals.

It looks like a black thick coiled rope and they just cut off however much you want.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have smoked it before when in the jungle in Peru. At the moment it is damp, needs to dry out a bit.

Wordpress Identicon

WordPress Identicon

I had a beef the other day. Actually, it is something that has often bugged me.

I hate these identicon thingies that replace my avatar on some blogs. Why are these necessary?

I remember I had to adjust settings to make my avatar show up on my own blog.

Very annoying.

It’s snowing on my blog until 4th January. It doesn’t snow here in Rio, but our Happiness Engineer convinced me to try it. So snow it is, and snow is what you get.

I see that more accusations of corruption have surfaced over the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup selections.

Ebola has not gone away. It is still very much with us. 16,000 infected and deaths now stand at 7,000.

Uruguay had elections, the left won. So Uruguay gets to keep it’s innovative cannabis laws.

There’s nothing realy to qualify for the Silly Box, although I suppose if I looked hard enough, I could find something, but there is a cold bottle of beer calling me from the botequim and that means it’s beer o’clock.