Whoops! Too late.

Whoops! Too late.

Yes, I was fooled by a bloody flower.

While, I was having such fun at the BBQ yesterday, the flowers opened, presumaably/hopefully got pollinated and this morning I was greeted to this sight… spent flowers.

You have to be quick with the passion fruit flower, it opens around 2pm and closes at sundown whether the bees have been busy or not. Very short life.

There are another couple that should open tomorrow. Hopefully, I will be luckier.

Yesterday I fired up the BBQ at 2pm (yes, right when I should have been looking at flowers) and we BBQed until 9pm, by then I was full and exhausted and ready for bed, which is where I went.

I woke about 6am, peed, coffeed and blogged until it was time for class. Short class today, just a test. So I was back home before 11.

I had planned to spend enough time at the botequim for a bottle, but there was one of those boring types there, drunk before 11, if in fact he ever sobered up from last night. I can’t be bothered with them and went home for some Nap-fu practice, highly successful.

Most of my blogging has been done, but I must get this one off before any attempt to return to the botequim. Besides, the dullard is still there, he is loud enough and obnoxious enough that I can hear him through the window.

Apart from the dishes, which may or indeed may not get done, I have plans to make a cheese board to take to the botequim with a bottle of Chardonnay. And it is there that I shall spend the rest of the day watching the world wend its way through the heavens an lose myself in the philosophies of life.

Day is cool after the rain. Not an entirely clear sky, but a cool breeze is making it comfortable.

The 2010 Equality Act makes it unlawful for a business to discriminate against a breastfeeding woman. – BBC News

Yesterday’s Silly Box item about Nick Farage has created quite a furore in Britain, and he is back peddling like crazy trying to squirm out of his predicament. There is also a large protest outside Claridges with many breastfeeding mothers.

Today the Silly Box must be about the American Grand Jury system. Remarked in the news that it’s flawed. The Grand Jury, it seems, is not so grand at all. Two recent cases, one with anecdotal evidence and one with obvious video evidence have failed to produce indictments against white policemen killing black people. The news that another similar case is being referred to a Grand Jury is not amusing people in the least. One article points out that 90% of black people are actually killed by other black people has been used to justify (is that the right word?) the officers actions. I find this quite erroneous, while that fact may be true, it does not exonerate over zealous law enforcement officers, who should be above this.

Looks like Scotland is about to have a white Christmas with snow and ice forecast. Looks like McSanta will be in his element flying through flurried skies in his sleigh behind airborne haggis.

With that, I will coffee along before wine o’clock. From the prolonged silence of my bedroom window the bore has either gone or passed out.