On Sunday I promised… and not for the first time, to regale you about the delights of mocotó. Well, this time I have kept my promise, but not here. You’ll have to check out my post Chewsday, there I tell you all about it with a recipe.

boozeI couldn’t find a decent image on the net for mocotó bones, so I took my camera to the butchers when I went to get the makings for a BBQ tomorrow. But they only had prepackaged ones in plastic, so that’s what you got.

The day started out hot, sweating at the PC before 8am, but now at 3pm it’s clouding over and looks like we could get rain.

The day has been a fairly humdrum one, coffee, Nap-fu practice, a quick trip to town, and shock of all horrors, I did some of the dishes. Not all, don’t want to get rash about these things. The phone hasn’t even beeped yet, so I may still have class later.

Remember the senior vice president from Korean Airlines that went nuts over the nuts? Well, she resigned. I still think she should have been spanked, publicly.

Mars rover, Curiosity, has soled a Martian riddle about mountains… I didn’t know there was a riddle.

The CIA has lied… Is that news? I thought that was normal. The new report tells of brutal interrogation techniques.

Israeli air strikes on four high-rise buildings in the final days of this summer’s conflict in Gaza amounted to war crimes, Amnesty International says. But who’s got the guts to tackle them over it?

Do you remember Pugsley? He was Wednesday’s fat brother in Addams Family, well, he’s not with us any more.

Australia was the worst performing industrial country in terms of climate change in 2014.

I don’t even have a picture for today’s post. There, that’s fixed. Can’t have a post without a piccy, that’s boring.