Expensive dirty water

Expensive dirty water

I haven’t quite forgotten you. There’s been this nagging feeling in the back of my mind all day that I should be doing this; and it’s only the fact that it’s too hot to sleep that I’m here at the keyboard.

40ºC (106ºF) The ‘F’ means effin’ hot!

I got most of my posting done early today, except Fizz and here. I had promised myself sushi for lunch, and sushi was what I was going to get; which necessitated a trip to the supermarket for a slab of salmon fillet.

I also saw a bottle of birra (Italian for beer), R$6, so okay, the budget can stretch that far. I was thinking of a couple of ex-pat bloggers in Italy. My view on rhe birra is that it could have well stayed on the shelf. It was a bottle of dirty water, an expensive dirty water.

If that’s a sample of Italian beer, it makes me wonder what the attraction of living in Italy is…

Maybe that explains why Italians drink a lot of wine, because the birra is crap!

It’s close on 11pm, I have tried to sleep. I have had several cold showers and lay on the bed under the full blast of the fan to try and get cool. I’ve just had my second cold shower while writing this. The fan is full on, I have a tankard of iced fizzy water and my bollocks are dripping on the floor. (Don’t try the visual on that it’ll damage your spleen).

My phone beeped once today, my ex pushed the wrong button; which isn’t the first time she’s done that, that’s why she’s the ex…

My iced water has just de-iced itself…

Got more ice.

Whale poo is in the news. Apparently it’s important. Whales swim deep, but they come to the surface to emit whale plumes. This fertilises the water so that krill can grow, then they eat the krill… I resisted the temptaion to add an image here.

Also in the news Native Americans can grow and use pot. That’s nice, especially since they were doing that before the white man came. Did you ever wonder what they smoked in a ‘peace’ pipe, yup, happy baccy. Pity the white mnan didn’t learn something there, maybe GWB wouldn’t have been torturing people from the Middle East.

See what I mean

See what I mean

Read an article yesterday written by a guy who doesn’t like high heels.

Well, I’m another, I hate the bloody things and consider any woman wearing them to be some degree of tart.

Have you ever wondered about the origin of high heels?

Have you ever considered what high heels are designed to do?

Think about it. A foot in high heels is designed to reflect the shape of a woman’s foot during an orgasm… that’s why they were and still are a part of a prostitutes apparel

Oh, and don’t get me started on lipstick… That’s a doozy!

I’m going to try another cold shower and see if I can sleep.