On Saturday I mentioned that the bar had run out of cold beer because of a late beer delivery. I solved the problem by running beer between my freezer and the bar. Well, not all is well that ends well. On Sunday morning I was greeted by this…

An explosion

An explosion in the freezer

…in the door shelf. What a waste of good beer.

My house smells divine in the evenings as the smell of passion fruit flowers pervades each room. The vines hang over the whole side of the house. Here’s the main door.

The front door

The front door

Yes, I have to duck to get in. But it causes no inconvenience when I consider the fruit that will abound.

A sunny day today, not hot, but sunny.

I have just woken from Nap-fu practice to find Light (the power company) up the pole next to my house. In a panic I raced outside in case they were cutting my power. Panic over, it was the neighbour’s power that they cut.

It is nearly lunch time, out of coffee and can’t be bothered making more. I have just taken some salmon out of the freezer and am going to make sushi for lunch. I don’t have much of the makings, but enough to make simple salmon makimonos.

My first afternoon student has just cancelled, so no classes until 6pm.

A do-nothing machine

A machine for doing nothing

Today is as much of a do-nothing day as yesterday. But I did discover one thing. There is a machine that does nothing. Typical even doing nothing has been mechanised.

Can you believe that?

Now try to figure out how this contaption works. I think I have it.

Silly Box: The gunman who held hostages in the Sydney cafe was on bail, but not on the terror watch list. This is a clear demonstration that all this terror protection is a lot of codswallop.

A superbug has been found to be present in the waters of Guanabara Bay where the 2016 Rio Olympics are to be held. This bug (bacteria) is said to be resistant to most antibiotics. The only means of treatment are to resort to rarely used drugs that cause other problems.

Well, I must go and cook the rice…