Yes, the bees have been busy.

A big black bumblebee doing his thing. I finally managed to capture one on film.

I can’t say I did nothing today, because I did the dishes…

I spent the lunch hour at the botequim, actually, that was three hours, because the birthday boy neighbour was having a BBQ.

But apart from that I did nothing.

I read some disturbing news. Jeb Bush is considering the US presidency. Does the world really need another Bush in the White House? I know nothing about JB, but his Bush predecessors didn’t exactly enamour themselves to the American people or the world. The idea just sends shivers up my spine.

The Dali Lama has declared that he may well be the last. There was a successor chosen, but he was rejected by China saying they will choose the next. The whereabouts of the chosen one is unknown. I have a sneaking suspicion that China ‘disappeared’ him.

The Church of England is catching up with the rest of the world by appointing the first female bishop/ess… I wonder when the Catholic church will do the same. Oh, they don’t even have female clergy. That’s awkward.

When one thinks of those small countries around the Persian Gulf, one thinks of oil, sand, conflict, arrested bloggers, and tyrant dictators; one does not normally think about pets. Do desert countries have pets? Apparently they do, I visited an Oman blog yesterday looking for homes for stray cats. Adopt a pet in Oman, if you’re interested. It’s nice to know that there is some good news that comes out of the turmoil in that part of the world.

No Silly Box today, although the Bush story could qualify.

It’s pizza time!