thursday-8I am in the process of dethursdaying, that is finishing Thursday, or not having a Thursday, or, indeed getting over the effects of a Thursday.

I was up early to get posts organised, because late yesterday my lawyer rang and booked a 10am appointment. So I spent the rest of the day and partially sleepless night repeating “Oh shit” to myself wondering what had possibly gone wrong, could have possibly gone wrong.

All was over nothing, just to tell me that next Tuesday is the day of reckoning, so I have four days to rest and relax. He also wanted to give me the chance to make my next payment on the bill, which I have a sneaky idea was the real reason. Shifty buggers, lawyers.

However, it also gave me the chance to pay the rent. So apart from having four more days reprieve, I have a roof over my head for those four days… no food yet, but I have a roof.

Hot day, strong sun. My response to that was cold beer on arrival.

Home, answered emails, and Nap-fued, from which I have just deNap-fued and am having that quintessential coffee to wake up and spend the rest of the day looking for Friday.

Lunch, is left over pizza, so I won’t starve.

I may yet make a batch of onion rings to take to the botequim for nibbles, so I don’t feel beholden to share my half pizza; it’s such a little pizza.

Once I am at the botequim, I fear that is where I shall continue the process of dethursdaying surrounded by friends and empty bottles. Which is why you’re getting your post early today, because the chances of getting it later are remote.

Passion fruit flowers are out already, for the fifth day in a row. The smell in the front room is already heady. I am watching closely for the first sign of the first fruit.

Silly Box: A Chinese opened the door of a plane taxiing on the runway for take off; he wanted some fresh air. How silly is that?

I have surmised that there is only one way to rid American politics of Repugnicans and Democraps and that is to make American Idol, or the current inanity, a political party with the possibility of Kim Kardashian becoming president. That awful thought came to me as I was replying to a comment from yesterday. The only thing that could possibly be worse, is Miley Cyrus pole dancing her way into the White House.

With taht terrible thought, I shall moe along. Right next door… um, after i have put on my shorts.


But, I’ll leave you with a clip of the new Star Wars movie…