HohohoingGiven the man-boobs, I have been a busy boy today.

My day has thus far been:

6am up and coffee

8:30am wander off to class

9am – 10:30am being a teacher

10:32am on the bus to town

10:40am at the butcher’s

10:50am taxi home with goodies.

11:15am light the BBQ

until 4pm everything became a blur and desperately needed Nap-fu practice

The table at the botequim

The table at the botequim, pork, liver, beer & whisky


6:30pm Chilled chocolate drink.

6:40pm… they want to do it again.

6:41pm… ran for home.

I’m not ready to do it again.

Although there are plenty of makings, I will do it again tomorrow.

Right now, I am knackered.

Talk about a foggy mental breakdown.

The funniest comment of the day was when I put a large piece of black pudding (can be seen on the right in the first image) on the BBQ… “OMG, you’ve killed seu Oliveira!” Mr Oliveira, is a popular sprightly 80’s+ man of Afro-Brazilian origin from our neighbourhood, well known by all.