Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

Well, fallen, no, sunk so low perhaps.

From the rich debaucheries of the weekend BBQ, to this…



But, I am going up-market. They’re going to be battered and deep fried and dipped in ketchup. They will be eaten accompanied by a Chilean Merlot. I will also make some fried onion rings, so that I don’t seem like such a peasant at the bar. One has to share.

My phone hasn’t beeped. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I guess that nothing will be done. Next week there is only Monday and Tuesday, so nothing may get done until the following week. I’m not ringing the lawyer, I’m paying him enough, he can bloody well ring me.

Life goes on…

The moment we have all waited for has arrived. Christmas is here. While I don’t specifically do Christmas, I will take a moment to wish all my visitors, followers and party faithful a…

greenxmasI chose green to get away from the ubiquitous Coca-Cola red. I hate the way coke has highjacked Christmas. I cringe when I see coke ads on TV. I have just one thought in mind…

Coca-Cola makes you fat

Coca-Cola makes you fat

What have I done this morning?

Dishes, not all, don’t want to scare the kitchen. I have mixed mortar and helped lay some bricks. I have had a bottle of beer. I have cleared my conscience and paid my bill at the botequim, much easier than going to confession.

The Guardian has gone back to its old format… So they’re back in my good books; for the moment. I fear that the new format will come and that they were just experimenting.

No silly box today, its too near Christmas, for the same reason no sad news from around the world.

Joe Cocker died. I was never actually enamoured by the singer, but appreciate that a great many people were. R.I.P.

Must get back to the kitchen.