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I feel behooved

After such a short post today, I feel as though I owe you more.

It was a short BBQ as far as botequim BBQs go, a mere three hours, followed by Nap-fu.

In a post today Andrew was extolling the benefits of newsprint over iPhones on All Downhill from Here.

He was so right, you can’t wrap fish ‘n chips with a screen. His further comment lead me to make this…

DogVomitiPhone-300pxYes, there are times when newsprint wins.

Today’s lunch of grilled bacon slab and aspargus with a wine and cracked pepper sauce was put on hold until tomorrow. The cracked pepper sauce was leftover from yesterday, I’ll reheat it with red wine just for variety.

The prospect of another BBQ on Wednesday as a goodbye to 2014 was mooted and greeted with enthusiasm.

Today it is cloudy. There may be no sun, but it is hot and sticky.

Yesterday was so hot that it made the day before pale into insignifiance. I got sunburned in the shade The weather forecast says we could get a rain storm later, but definitely rain tomorrow.

Having appeased my coscience…


The aural trigger is a real phenomenon..

The mere mention of BBQ, and it happens

The mere mention of BBQ, and it happens

I was at the botequim and someone said “BBQ!”

As you can see it is underway. I’m just here to get the chimichurri and last jar of red cabbage sauerkraut.

So this is about what you’re going to get today.

Day’s Eye

I have, however, learned my one thing for the day. The name of the flower daisy, you know, those little white flowers that grow in the lawn, the name daisy is a corruption of ‘Day’s Eyes’ because they close at night and open in the morning. Fact gleaned from A Tramp in the Woods

Headline news for the last three days, George Bush Snr is in hospital… fine. Who gives a hit? I’ve been in hospital twice in my life and it didn’t make international news.

Meanwhile, back to the BBQ.


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