Spray on clouds

Spray on clouds

Indeed, I was.

We were promised rain yesterday, didn’t

We were promised rain today, hasn’t.

And just as I was sitting here after Nap-fu practice trying to think of a post title, I hear thunder in the distance

I have already beered today, but I gave up beering in favour of Nap-fu; mainly to escape the nasty Brazilian habit of having a carload of speakers blaring music and the TV in the botequim trying desperately to compete which means that everybody has to shout to have a conversation.

To continue. The day started off very sunny, while I was beering it clouded over and there was a coolish breeze. When I woke from Nap-fu the sun was out in full force, which led to the title.

More thunder… I love it.

Honestly Brazilians are so ignorant at times. Imagine this…

carro com somParked across the road, punching out music like a home theatre on steroids, most of which I can’t stand, while trying to have a ‘quiet’ beer.

There are times when the volume is so high, that I can’t hear the TV inside the house with the doors and windows closed.

Sometimes they have one parked on the corner for one group and one parked in front of my house for another group and the bastards are trying to out do each other.

Honestly, they’re a bloody plague.

At the moment it is quiet, I may well venture along to the botequim and resume my beering and watch the clouds and hope for rain.

Yesterday I mentioned about the baby born in NY early and the horrendous bill they faced. Well, in light of all the publicity the hospital has guaranteed there will be no cost to the couple.  Nothing like the threat of bad publicity to change minds.

Silly Box: Has to go to the French mayor who refused to bury a Roma (gypsy) baby. What an arsehole? He said that burial places were for those who paid taxes.

I read that Jeb Bush is now clearing the way to run for presidency. God help America! It is also rumoured that Jeb has divorced GWB as a brother to distance himself from the opraborium he created.

It was with interest I read that neither the USA nor Israel are signatories to the International Criminal Court, now why doesn’t that surprise me? The two greatest perpetrators of war crimes aren’t in the club.

The, there is the horrific story of a seven-year-old Australian boy who sneaked into a zoo and killed many animals and threw others (among them rare species) into the crocodile pen. What was going through the mind of this critter? Better still, his parents obviously haven’t parented. The zoo is looking to sue the parents for damages. My suggestion is throw the kid into the crocodile pen, then pull him out just seconds before he gets eaten to see what it feels like.

Off to beerificate. No BBQ today, just a light lunch.