The Page was BLANK

I came to post the day after, and the page was blank, terribly, terribly blank. Likewise my mind was suffering from the same affliction; Blankitis. So I desisted, and have procrastinated since. I felt guilty about my procrastinations and so I am here today, instead of the other day.

My blankitis was assuaged by the fact that I am setting up a new home. My last one went… I’m not sure yet went , but it went all the same. My lawyer had a lot to do with the ‘wenting’. At present I am of the opinion that he is a thief, and his day of reckoning will come. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out what sort of Svengali (I think that’s the right word) he pulled.

Because when I returned totake up my rightful home, bloody thing wasn’t there, no furniture, no clothes, and ,bugger me no wine! I slept on the garage floor for four nights, then the sods kicked me out and the next night was on the street. The night after a neighbour whom I knew some years back (13 or so) recognised me and put me up for a night in a small flat. That was all I needed, because from the bus I spotted a lawyer sign, and my intention was to go there in the morning. She arrived in style on a motorbike, no Roller for this girl. She was appalled at the idea of a 70 year old sleeping on the street like a vagabond. But there it is, I’m a vagabond.

The trail led to where I am at present, with a mini laptop on a wardrobe side, balanced on a chair. I have a table, it arrived about half an hour ago and I haven’t yet decided how to utilise it.

I’m not broke or anything, I just didn’t have access to my means. That’s where my motorcycling lawyer came into play.

You see, it’s all part of how you fall through the LABYRINTH.

Now I am going to ponder. I have two lime-green splotches on my toilet bowl. I know for a fact that my poo isn’t that colour, so they must be removed.

I’ll try not to procrastinate too long this time.

It’s beer o’clock.