I am still undecided. Should I stay, or should I go? I will be 70 in a couple of months, and I’m not going to eat insects for the good of the planet. Nor am I going to try and alter my cats (read ‘pets’ becuase I don’t do dogs) evolutionary developed canine teeth for those vegetable grinding (pulverising) molars of brontosauri origins.

I truly think it is laudible to give Fido or Tibs developed food of insect origin. The fact that your average insect takes up less of the planet’s green open spaces that does one of the bovine, ovine, or porcine animals.

Look at what happened when we gave them dried pet food. Hair fell out, lost its gloss, some animals became lethargic and other symptoms. Who said that was good for them? The vets, they all cried in unison. Yes who told the vets it was good? The professors and the universities. Why because the manufacturers of the ‘healthy’ dried pet food supplied the universities with the funds to teach the vets. And, the universities didn’t want to loose all that lovely money, so they taught what the dried pet food manufacturers wanted them to teach.

Moving right along…

I have swapped my meat laden lunch and beer of the early afternoon for dried sesame seed biscuits and Philadelphia cheese washed down with peach flavoured iced tea. Nothing elegant; break a cracker in half drag it through the cream cheese and wash it down with iced tea.

Still can’t figure out how to insert an image.

No poem today, I’m already exhausted.

I still have to think, and that’sbad enough.