No, it’s not Jasmine’s tea; it is tea made from the remains of what was a jasmine plant/flower all dried up, I presume hygienically, wrapped transported to one of the supermarkets that I now frequent where it was put on display with the remains of various other members of our planets flora in such a cunning manner as to catch my eye.

Which it did efectively.

In such a manner that behooved me to buy two packets, with scant regard to the price. So much behooving and disregard sent me searching for the ticker-tape that was spewed out by the cashier to in fact discover what the financial damage was done.

R$5.99 each! Gadzooks, I gasped in an imitation of my final moments. That’s R$11.98 of my hard earned cash gone into some other lacky’s pocket. Bugger me! Figuratively speaking, of course. Well, that little speel did one trick, it made me remember how to bold type.

Next time I’ll check on the price before galantly tossing things into my shopping cart.

Now, just why did I commit such an act of foolhardiness? Yes, burning question.

Many moons ago,

when Adam was a cowboy and Moses played fullback for the Arabs… yes, that long ago. I lived in Bolivia; Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in fact. I had befriended a woman called Melissa, for I believe that was her name; who ran spiritual awakening weekends for those who had nothing better to do with their money other than to give it to Melissa in return for a vegetarian diet and jasmine tea. Some of that filthy luchre she gave to me for preparing hot dead vegetables and brewing jasmine tea, of which I grew fond.

Hence my folly today.

All this is brought to you via a cup of hot, sweet, red jasmine tea. The cost of which is roughly R$2.99 +/_. A trip down memory lane, actually it was down the spices aisle of the super market.

Five days have passed since I pestered you with my earthly prattle, and I am still no closer to a decision in regard to my destiny.

Having got this far today, having made a decision with regard to lunch; cubed pork, grated ginger root, pineapple chopped up with some green pepper and broccoli simmered in beer, why beer, you may well ask. Simply because I was too lazy to turn on the tap or get the coconut juice out of the fridge, and the fact that I had to can in my hand.

I’ll go for now and cogitate some more.