The memory loss that harms the planet…

Sounds all rather bizzare. But here I sit with a demi-sec Chilean white wine in hand, actually it’s on the table because I need both fingers to type with.

Friday evening, facing the weekend.

I have long pondered the phrases “When I was a kid it was different” and “Kids these days…” and I still do. Ponder, that is. Yes, a lot of pondering.

And then I read an article that reactivates the “Ponder Button”

Here I go off on a tangent, careful, no brakes!

BBC News

As each new generation inherits the world, vital knowledge is forgotten. In the latest in our Wise Words series, Richard Fisher explores the language that has emerged to describe that phenomenon.

Click here if you think I have dithered a bit and you’ll get the article smack in the face as it were. Like I’ve said this is not the first time this idea has grasped me by the “short and curlies” and twisted.

For me this phenomenum is real. See if it doesn’t strike a chord with you.