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Camembert at Midnight

MidnightWith the beginning of the political campaign for the Brazilian presidential and governorial elections in October, I am really screwed up.

Well, more than normal.

Free Bullshit

Free Bullshit

Nightly on TV we are subjected to an hour of obligatory electoral brainwashing propaganda. Right in the middle of the evening, 8:15 – 9:15, you can’t escape it, it’s on all channels.

As I mentioned yesterday, I switch the TV off.

Which means by the time I have done my nightly rounds, emails, comment replies, a last glance through the news that I am ready for bed an hour earlier.

All this means that I am up for my early morning pee before midnight!

Howling with the bats at the moon

Howling with the bats at the moon

I feel as though I should be out in the yard howling at the moon.

We have the bats in the praça.

Instead, I had the last of my Camembert and began writing.

camembertOh, wonderful Camembert.

All of this leaves me totally disorientated as I sit here bleary-eyed yearning for more sleep, but knowing full well, that any attempt to return to the land of slumber will be fraught with disappointment.

The clock has ticked on, the midnight hour passed. It is now Friday.

Now that I have taken my spleen for a walk, I shall return to the pit from whence I came.

I urge all Brazilians to turn off your TVs, show the damned politicians that we don’t want their political bullshit.

politicalpromisesLater, I promse.

Been & Gone

My Saturday students changed to an 8am start, they’ve been and gone and I was exhausted, so back to bed.

Woke at 1pm, day wasted.

In a fit of energy I resolved to do yesterday’s trip, got up got dressed got out.

The Kombi went the back way which was some way from my first port of call.

awhitepepperI passed a shop that has herbs and spices, they’ve been out of white pepper for months; but I stopped in to have a look, just as I had given up and was leaving there it was, a stack of ground white pepper! Bought two bags.

Onward, I found a shop selling the same carpets as I had bought the week before; only they were R$30 cheaper and a better selection of colours. Damned!

Onward, I went to the fish market and bought some fresh halibut. On the way out of the fish market I found some salsa crespo (curly parsley) seeds, bought a pack. Brazilians don’t use curly parsley much, preferring a plain leaf variety.

Onward, I walk through a large department store, oh there were lots of wonderful things for my kitchen, but the shop was crowded, last minute Easter egg shoppers. There was no way that I was going to brave that throng to get to the check out.

Leg was beginning to hurt, onward.

Along the road, up the hill, leg was now beginning to ache.

Got to plant shop, oh I wanted to stop and shop, but I just looked and left.

Need a seat…

Nearest seat was in Brazeiro, oh what a happy coincidence. A seat and a BBQ lunch to boot.

More than two hours for a leisurely lunch, beer and no dishes.

Home again.


A Comfort Stop

beerAfter yesterday’s depressing news, I opted for a comfort stop last night after class. Yes, I headed for Brazeiro, my favourite BBQ restaurant, red meat and beer…

Oh, the bliss!

But I was a good boy. I avoided the other gout irritating foods like scallops, herring, turkey and liver. They didn’t have any…. LOL!

I am currently looking out the window. It has decided to rain somewhat heavily, just an hour before I am due to leave for work. If it continues, I’ll cancel the first class and hopefully stay dry for the second.

I had hoped to go early and pass by downtown to pay my rent. But I have this aversion, get wet to part with money… don’t be stupid! I had also hoped to buy an extension chord and remote for my ‘new’ TV and do my reorg tomorrow. But that can wait.

mr_bean_popeI see we have been poped!

I was a bit disappointed that it only took five votes over two days. You get a better deal with Big Brother, at least they are sequestered for three months. I have about the same level of interest in both the conclave and BB… zero! You can read about the similarities on They Say it’s in the Genes.

Now, the big question is, can Pope Francis drag the church screaming from the Middle Ages?

I need more coffee…


Eating Healthy

How Lixo keeps cool on a hot day

How Lixo keeps cool on a hot day, he doesn’t like salads

It’s not something that I do often. My tastes in food border on the capricious; I like something, I eat it.

But today I decided on a salad, which was a good idea on a hot day. It would have been nice to have decent ham off the bone, but I sufficed with slices rolled together with provolone cheese; that with lettuce, tomato, onion and boiled eggs.

The thing with salads is they’re filling as you eat them, but half an hour later, one good fart and you’re hungry again.

Yes, it's one of those that require a lot of space behind it

Yes, it’s one of those that require a lot of space behind it, space that I haven’t got

This morning I managed to get the PC across to the kids, set it up for them, got my 29″ TV in return and came home.

I wasn’t sure if the TV even worked, or why the ex was giving it to me. But once I got it home and plugged in, it worked a treat. Now I have to rearrange the living room to accommodate the leviathan. Good excuse for a spring-clean.

Now I have to buy a remote for it. Maybe tomorrow when I go to pay the rent. I’m not giving up my old TV just yet, it has a remote. So the spring-clean will be tomorrow at the earliest.

Students have canceled.

Whoopie! Beer o’clock!


Off to the Wild Blue Yonder

Yes, I’m off today. Second trip to the University in the rural. Taking camera with me too. So hopefully I will have some photographic evidence.

I should get a wriggle on… Student is due in 20 minutes, and here I am still with third coffee in hand sitting here in my underpants (DO NOT attempt the visual – it will warp your mind).

I have been a diligent blogger, managed to post on all blogs.

busyidiotMeanwhile, see how you can keep an idiot busy for 40 seconds…


No post today

aNotShitPay day.

Off to Barra.

Pay the bills, sushi lunch, back home broke until next month.

I was wrong about the rain storm yesterday. It didn’t happen at 5pm as I suspected.

It was due as I left work at 7pm for my 20 minute walk home. Magnificent lightning displays all the way.

It began to rain as I reached for the padlock on the gate. By the time I got inside I was saturated. It pissed down. Gale force wind and torrential rain for an hour, then nothing.

Time I got my pants on and catch the bus.

Lixo has just seen the neighbour’s cat off in style with much snarling.


Before I go. Do you remember this scene from Finding Nemo?


Then check out this link…

Baby Poop


Baby poop

Yes, that was my lunch, baby poop.

Yesterday, I went shopping after procrastinating all weekend, I finally got there so there is now food in the fridge instead of a lot of cold nothing.

One of the items I bought was mincemeat (ground beef for our American cousins) that I share with Lixo, he loves mince. My lunch today was simple, squished the mince with garlic sauce, soya sauce and tomato sauce (ketchup for Americans) and slapped long patties on the grill, served with a spicy tomato sauce and baby poop in a toasted bread roll.

I was too lazy to mix real mustard. I have it there in the cupboard, but I was doing a slap-dash lunch and that involves as little preparation as possible.

Today! I finally did something that I have been threatening to do for a long time. I bought the computer for the kids. It’s not a flash one, it’s not duo-core anything. It is a reconditioned secondhand PC. It has 1mb RAM (I paid for the upgrade, 512 today is all but useless), 40mb HD, Pentium 4, it’s internet savvy, and has a CD ROM, I’ll upgrade that to a DVD ROM later. It’s okay for kids who have never had a PC at home before. It came with a functional CRT monitor, keyboard, mouse and I bought a transformer as well. All up it cost R$330 (USD165 +/-). I’ll deliver it Sunday. So the kids will have their first PC at home.

Yesterday, after a cool weekend, it returned to hot, today is also hot. The fan was blowing hot air at 8am. It rained heavily for a half hour, and I suspect it will do the same today about 5pm. I will be safely at work then, hopefully.

Well, blogging right along.


Not One of my Brighter Ideas

Occasionally, one does stupid things. They say coffee helps you do them faster. Yesterday was one of those days; and it wasn’t even a Monday.

They’ve got stacks of them

I went to town. I needed new shoes.

As we were passing a computer shop, I yelled “Stop!” The kombi driver nearly pooped himself and the other passengers were so startled looking around for the reason to stop.

I had planned for months to visit this shop, they were selling reconditioned PCs for R$249 with monitor and I wanted to see them. I have plans to buy one for the kids. It’s payback time for my ex… can you just imagine the uproar when you’ve got four PC literate kids and one PC in the house? Think about that. Sometimes my evil side works overtime. I also bought a new CD-ROM and cable that I had needed for sometime.

Any, moving right along. I walked and walked visiting shoe shops along the Calçadão (it’s a pedestrian street of shops), checking them all and only finding expensive ones. I was actually on my way to a shop where I had seen the pair I wanted, but I checked, just in case.

I finally ended up in the last shop. Made my purchase and left the shop wearing my new prizes. It wasn’t all that long before I realised the folly of the idea. You see when I went to put clean socks on, one had a hole; the day old pair had a hole too. So I wore a pair of those stupid little sockettes that I bought by mistake once and didn’t have holes.

The leather of the boots began to rub the back of my leg; at first it was irritating, then annoying, then a little sore, until it was finally unbearably painful. To top it all off it was a stinking hot day. I passed Brazeiro (my fav restaurant) ah, cold refreshing air, seats, BBQ and beer, so I followed my instincts.

I had a wonderful lunch and then a taxi home.

I took my new boots off and inspected the damage. There was a little chaff mark, not a quarter inch round; something that small could be so painful…

Geez, I’m a sook.

Tried twice and failed


You’ll see the reason for the Roquey Cheese below

So here I am.

I was up at six, so it’s not unreasonable that after four hours in front of the PC to have a nap. Just as I was dropping off, my Thunderbird pinged… Oh, somebody loves me! I tried to ignore it, but curiosity and all that.

Then I tried again and in the sluggish moments before the mallet of sleep strikes, “I haven’t taken the fish out of the freezer for lunch.” Ah, forget lunch! I couldn’t, this terrible nagging thought kept returning. There was only one thing for it, get up and take the damned fish out of the freezer.

Now I am bleary eyed and in front of the PC again.

Life was never meant to be easy.

Read a wonderbul story on Lottie Nevin on Being a Bad Mother.

Have drunk two litres of water already. The day started of grey and cool, now it’s hot and dry, very dry.

The hot weather continues. Which I guess is why the house was invaded by two large cockroaches last night; duly dispatched. It’s bad enough when they come in ones. Ugly bloody insects, those and silverfish, they give me the willies. We have other creepy crawlies as well, like millipedes and geckos, but they’re good guys, they eat the other creepy crawlies. I have a resident gecko in the bathroom, we have conversations when I pee.

Who said that? I heard you, “He’s crazy!”

Of course I am crazy, I tried being normal once but it was so boring… so I went back to crazy.

Word Press 101

agravatarsI have noticed in perambulations around Word Press blogs, that many blogs show only crazy little squares, default avatar) instead of a person’s (if they have one) real avatar.

Mine used to do that. It was quite frustrating, until I discovered the secret, and I can’t remember how, but I did.

Try this: Go to your dashboard, settings, discussion.

Scroll down and find this:


You’ll find the G setting on by default. Change it to PG like I have done and ‘save settings’ at the bottom. You should find that you see a lot more avatars.

My case was so frustrating because I couldn’t even see mine, which is why I resolved to resolve the matter.

Now, I’m off to clean up cockroach carcasses, water my plants, put my fur on (that’s what Lixo thinks when I get dressed) and indulge in a tipple, or two…

After all, it is beer o’clock. I’m sick of water, I feel like a parched camel.

When I get back, the fish will have thawed and I am going to make crumbed hake fillets with a Roquefort cheese and caper sauce…


Mine will be a little different, kill the mayo, add Colman’s mustard powder, chopped capers and parsley.

Damned Daylight Savings

The time when clocks go into atomic meltdown

The time when clocks go into atomic meltdown

Saturday night Brazil went out of hora da verão (daylight savings, summer time, call it what you like). Yesterday my PC woke an hour before I did and I spent the rest of the day wandering around wondering when I was.

I did, however, enjoy my ‘dead cow’ experience. A leisurely three hour ordeal stuffing myself with the best Brazilian beef beyond what would normally be called one’s capacity. I was back home at 3pm, and the only sensible thing to do was have a nap to escape the heat; so I did the sensible thing.

Today, I woke better adjusted, although it was still dark, I rose with the sun. Everything was fine until I got a snotty remark comment left on my Eco-Crap Monday Moaning about the use of another site’s post. In nine bloggerful years, I have never been chastised in that manner for reposting a post. So, I am miffed, and not entirely disposed to blog further today. I have just rewritten the post and bypassed his references. Part of the reason I am miffed is that I am not entirely certain that I didn’t over react; I don’t feel I did, but will it be perceived that way?

I have given up all thoughts of lunch today. I am still on a ‘beef roll’ from yesterday. Talk about overdosing… I have class at 4pm, I’ll be home about 8pm, by then I should be famished.

Yay! Something to look forward to.

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