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I managed to escape

Cupid is Creepy

Cupid is Creepy

Yes, not a single Valentine wish.

I detest Valentines Day, not because I don’t get Valentines, but because it’s a commercial con job.

A nice story hi-jacked by commerce.

Another hot day, I was already sweating at 7am, it never really cooled overnight. Sleep was impossible before 3am, then I got barely 4 hours.

Classes at 4pm, home at 9pm; another exciting day ahead.

I went for a wander round the corner. A hairdresser has appeared on the next corner, so being one to support local enterprise, I thought I would get my hair and beard cut. Closed! Clapped at the gate of the house (Brazilians clap at the gate, generally they don’t have bells) “Sorry, Mom only opens at 2:30.” Hurrrumph! Walk back home. I really need to get my hair cut, it’s getting shaggy and the kids are calling me Papai Noel (Father Christmas) again, so the beard has to go as well. I don’t mind the Papai Noel bit in December, but February is taking commercialism a bit far.

Watered my plants. See my life is so full of excitement. I could wash the dishes, but I don’t want to get overexcited. Oh, and the highlight of the day, I cleaned the BBQ after Tuesday’s affair.

Lixo has the right idea. Sleep on the floor. Maybe I should join him…


There’s not a lot to write about…

It’s hot and dry today. Already drunk litres of iced water.

The forecast temp was 38°C. It was hot this morning when I went out to pay the rent and that was about 9am. I haven’t been out the door since.

I have to go to work at 3:30, so I’ll find out how hot it is then. I’m not in a hurry to find out. Even the fan is blowing hot air.

Seven days off work. The benefits of carnival. The winner for this year was announced yesterday, Villa Isabel.


Vila Isabel parades on the Sambôdromo

So now it’s all over for another year. Brazilians can go back to work and school.

Me too.

I am sorely tempted to go to Brazeiro (BBQ restaurant) after class and enjoy the airconditioning, the food and the beer while I watch my soap operas.

Later…. not. Only tomorrow.

That time of the month…

coffeebreakkeyNo! Not that time of the month! Sheeesh!

It’s pay day. I’m off to Barra, so you’re not going to get a post today.

This is NOT a post.

There is NOTHING to read.

You are NOT here.

But if you’re hanging around, here is the news.

I have found the perfect keyboard for bloggers. I has a ‘coffee break’ key.

Reportedly, when you press it, the coffee is made and  it does an auto -save. Now isn’t that technology in action?

All I have to do is figure out where they sell it and whether it has a Portuguese option for making Brazilian coffee.

I may/may not be back later.

It’s been pissing down all night, stopped about 20 minutes ago, so |I am making a dash for the bus.


I must get a wriggle on

Priorities are important

Priorities are important

The house looks as though some demented dervish has run amok and I have new students arriving in just over an hour.

Challenge: Make the house presentable…

But first, I must blog, you see I have my priorities in the right order.

My new fridge is working fine, beer is cold.

Random thought, “I must buy some food to put in it.”

Tomorrow is close enough for that. Never do today what you can put off for tomorrow.

Here is the comparison…

Old fridge – nothing fancy, worked, looks terrible. The previous owner had put some adhesive covering on the front and the glue never came off.

Old fridge, a truck

Old fridge, a truck

New fridge, clean and sparkly…


New fridge - a limousine

New fridge, a limousine

So now that I have a ‘new’ fridge, I am expecting lower electricity bills, that combined with this months 18% reduction in tariffs, I should be a millionaire by Easter.

Well, now that I have satisfied my insatiable desire to post on the last blog today, I will set about making the house presentable.


Fridge, fridge, fridge

I got my new fridge last night.


Today, I replace the old one.


Shops were crowded, I hate crowded shops

Finally managed to go shopping with the ex and Ellen Suelen (Emmylee, 6, was left home asleep). School books aren’t cheap. First we went to one shop, not very crowded. Then we went to another, crowded. I commented to ex if this is crowded, it’s because it’s cheaper than the other one; which proved to be correct. We browsed exercise books, pens, pencil, rubbers (NO, not those rubbers, silly Americans… erasers), water bottles, and finally back packs. Wow, some of those back packs were expensive; put Barbie on it and the price shoots up to 3x more than I was prepared to spend on everything.

We walked out with three big bags and I was R$200 (+/-USD100) poorer. That managed to outfit the two girls.

We checked another store for baby clothes. When ex and I were un-ex, we had a neighbour a few blocks away, big family, seven kids and two of them spent more time at our place than home, Gabriel and Vitoria. Well, last Saturday Vitoria gave birth to a daughter @ 17, so seeing as I had been Vitoria’s (granddad) for the best part of five years, I couldn’t let the occasion go unmarked. I got a little pink girly dress and her first denim dress, not actually denim, but denim-like material suitable for baby with a little white top.

Then it was lunch time, so what else to do, but have lunch. Topic of converstion; contraception. Ellen Suelen is 14 this year, and using Vitoria’s teenage pregnancy as an example, ex and I discussed the matter with Ellen. She is still in the ‘Yuck, boys’ stage, but as I said, who knows when a ‘Justin Bieber’ will walk around the corner and the heart talks louder than the head. I knew that she liked the Bieber, message hit home. Achievement unlocked.

By the time we had finished lunch, all the walking had taken its toll, and I was ready for a nap, so they got the bus home, I got the Kombi home, and napped.

Now, I must look at getting my fridges changed over.




It’s in, locked and loaded!

Breakfast at Noon

Queensberry-Classic-Laranja-320gYes, BREAKFAST!

I have had various cups of coffee, but between napping and procrastinating I have omitted to eat anything.

I am in the process of remedying that situation now. The grill is on to make toast.

Challenge met!

There is no breakfast quite like marmalade on toast.

Here, they call it geleia de laranja (orange jam). Brazilians don’t have the concept of marmalade, although this is imported, and horrendously expensive (R$9.98 a jar), there is no word that equates to marmalade. Not to be confused with mermelada in Spanish which means jam and not maramalade.

Having a late breakfast is rather fortuitous today, as I have nothing for lunch. I got fish at the supermarket on Monday night, but I didn’t take it out to thaw. The fact that the supermarket was crowded, I forgot to get anything else edible, except chocolate. One shouldn’t have chocolate for breakfast. Which is as good a reason as any to have lunch out tomorrow when I go shopping with my ex and Emmylee for school stuff.

I was surprised by a comment today on yesterday’s post. Who or what is a Bieber, pray?

JBA Beiber is having the unfortunate condition where ones singing enchants young adolescent girls whose hearts throb at the very mention of his name.

Quite frankly, he is the nadir of singer wanna-bes who are under the delusion that they can sing. Which is supported by the fact that only immature adolescent girls (mainly) consider he can.

I was under the impression that everyone knew who Bieber was, even if only to avoid anything supposedly musical connected with his name. But apparently, not in Hong Kong. Oh the bliss of living in a place where Bieber is unknown.

The fridge saga… Yes, once again the best laid plans of mice and men went awry. During the day the availability of the pick-up disappeared. Now we have set Thursday as the day.

The nuts and bolts of blogging

The nuts and bolts of blogging

I am worried. I keep an eye on my stats for the blogs, and since the weekend they have been way down. My best two blogs Nether Region of the Earth III and Things that Fizz & Stuff are down from 150+ visits per day to 32 and 61 respectively, and that reflects for Mondays (normally the best day of the week) stats too. Eco-Crap, while not the best, is the only blog still swimming with the current. It makes me woonder if I am doing something wrong when I see dips like that. Blogging is not without its frustrations.


Life is so Repetitive

This one should be big enough

This one should be big enough

First, I did the dishes…

Then, I cooked lunch…

Which undid the dishes!

The kitchen looks no different to when I made coffee this morning; my saving grace.

I need a bigger coffee pot.

I’m so excited, I could wet my plants!

Today is fridge day!

At last…

Now all that needs to happen is that Lincoln comes home early with the pick-up as planned, and the owner of the fridge not changing his plans.

Life always depends on other people.

Taking a break to eat lunch and watch the news…

The news was bad… 10 more died in hospital since the fire.

Lunch was great…

The dishes remain undone…

I just read on Twitter, Justin Bieber groped a fans breasts…

They say if you play Bieber’s music backwards it sounds Satanic; but what’s worse, if you play it forwards it sounds like Justin Bieber, que horror!


The Rain Came Back

what-if-there-was-no-internetWell, we had three days of hot weather, yesterday reached 37°C (clocking close to 100°F) and then last night it rained heavily, so heavily that when I woke at the late hour of 7am the internet was down. That was all I needed to go back to bed; after all what is life without the net?

The net returned and I had a productive morning managing to post something on all blogs, this is the last. Not only that I have three posts done for tomorrow

Success, I got the dishes done.

Lunch, rough and ready beef stew. Done, eaten, enjoyed.

Unfortunately, now the dishes are undone.

Got a new private student coming to visit me about classes at 2pm. Hope he drinks beer, because we’re meeting at the botequim.

Okay, until Sunday Travel Tales tomorrow…

Over the Hump


Some people enjoy Hump Day

And on the downhill run towards the weekend. I hate the run-up to hump day, even worse is the day it’s self.

I only discovered Hump Day a couple of days ago on Twitter, I saw it mentioned and tweeted, what’s Hump Day? The reply was logical and I wonder why my tiny brain couldn’t figure it out.

An astounding success for social media.

Take yesterday, I reheated the pizza from the previous night.

Tasted great, until the last slice and I realised that not all the specks of oregano were oregano.

Flakes of oregano don’t have little legs.

Oven-fried ants

Oven-fried ant pizza

I had been eating oven-fried ants. Tasted fine, tasted like pizza; now I am wondering if in fact the oven-fried ants enhanced the pizza or not.

I had left the pizza pan on the bench while preheating the oven.

This didn’t perturb me too much, as I read recently that on an average we eat 500gms (about 1lb) of extraneous things a year.

I shall study my oregano more closely in the future.

My fridge seems further away than ever. I had made alternative plans to collect it tonight, but my neighbour with the pick-up won’t have it tonight. It’s the work truck and the bastards want to use it for work, damned cheeky of them. Don’t they understand ‘perks’ of the job?

Curried chicken on rice

Curried chicken on rice

Curried chicken for lunch, no ants today. I bought chicken cubes yesterday at the supermarket, so lunch will take ten minutes to prepare. Cooking the rice takes longer than the curried chicken.

It could look something like this, if I don’t decide to eat it from the pot, which I do sometimes if I am in a hurry or want to save washing a plate. Being a bachelor is fun; I get to run around the house all day in my underpants, I get to poop with the toilet door open so Lixo can come in for his pet, nobody shouts at me to put the toilet seat down and there is never an argument over the TV remote.

Well, more coffee has appeared beside me, I shall blog right along…



I Opened the New Post Page

This has nothing to do with the post. It is merely a distraction so you don't notice my procrastination.

This has nothing to do with the post. It is merely a distraction so you don’t notice my procrastination.

Okay, now what?

I have had my two pre-Coffees and am half way through the fresh thermos flask, but I still found myself in the middle of the kitchen wondering what I came in there for. I also nearly poured the fresh coffee on top of the pre-heating water in the thermos.

They say coffee makes you do silly things faster…

My super post is still attracting ‘Likes’, up to 58 now and yesterday had 34 visitors, unbelievable.

Tuesday, no classes, day off.

My fridge has been delayed until Thursday, confirmed.

Found this on the web the other day.


I had one. Mine was the 7x57mm version used by Venezuela. Best damn semi-auto I have ever used. Heavy as anything, but shooting-wise better than anything on today’s market; and when was it made? 1949 by Fabrique Nacional (FN) more than 60 years ago. I got ‘possibles’ many times at 600 yards; I had trouble doing that with its successor the SLR or FAL 7.62 NATO.

Rain, yes, it’s still raining. Just had a downpour, but the frequency is lessening.

Blogging right along.

Damn, the animation on the top image doesn’t appear to want to animate.

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