In Hyderabad

Which I thought was a nifty post title.

It came to me in a flash.

And I opened the post page. I hadn’t planned on posting here just at the moment. I really need more coffee driven inspiration.

I googled for an image to go here, and I find that Coffee and Beyond is not an original idea, there are cafes so named, there is a nifty coffee collapsable bench/seat/table affair so named and Honduras has a brand of coffee with the name.

So, once again, not an original idea in my head. I feel as though I am having a blonde attack.

I have managed to empty my mail box, reply to all comments and visit blogs. Something I have been trying to do all weekend.

But then is’s Monday!

So far, I have…

…singed the hairs on my forearm by reaching over the stove

…I have spilled coffee, rock salt and rice while refilling the respective jars

…boiled the kettle dry

…and put my underpants on backwards (remedied)

And all that before 9:30am. What else can happen today?

The post title was actually going to be Refogged, continuing the theme of the last couple of posts. Because yesterday I was Refogged. My neighbour had a a BBQ in the praça, so armed with some steak and coalho cheese, I joined them.

Neat bottle, eh?

Neat bottle, eh?

I had intended to have my own BBQ, but as there were already three in the praça, I donated the meat I had thawed. Beer was the order of the day, so I beered.

I started off with Black Prince Gold, then Bohemia Imperial, Brahma Extra, and a can of Murphy’s Stout. So yes, I was refogged.

The neighbour’s not-yet-two-year-old daughter was towed around on her brother’s skateboard grinning like a crazy woman. Finally other girls came to the rescue and trundled her around the praça in her car-like trundler. Later, she went around the table collecting all the cellphones taking turns to chat with each one. This girl is going to be already a woman of the world.

The day was hot, the sun was strong, and although I tried to stay in the shade, I got a good dose of it. Noted at the botequim later, that I was lobsterish. I haven’t actually been pink with the sun for a long time, and felt the heat consumming my shoulders.

Watched the football at 7pm, Flamengo (my team) won 3-0, a satisfying result.

I broke my record. Every Sunday I do the weekly cryptic crossword from The Press, my home town newspaper. Cracked 15 minutes. I love cryptic crosswords, hate the ordinary ones, and in Brazil they don’t know what a crossword is. Oh they have them, but they’re so puerile and have no symetrical layout. Even with my limited knowledge in Portuguese I can crack them.

So, one might consider the day a success.

I haven’t noted anything for the silly box so far today, so there is no political content. The news is all plane crashes, bombs and a smattering of Ebola. Yes, the world is on course.

Sometimes, I wish there was a restaurant called Milliways where you could watch the end of the world over breakfast.

Finally something exciting to write about. The broom man has just gone past shouting “Vassoooouuura!” (Brooms!). He is armed with an assortment of brooms, squeegees and mops carried over his shoulder and sells them at the gate. It really is the highlight of any day…. NOT!

The day started off cool and overcast, it has now become uncovercast and sunny. I am sweating again. Time to go and water the plants before they begin their daily wilt.

There could be a disaster later today. I heard the owner of the botequim mention ‘beach’ last night, which means the botequim will be closed until early evening. I’ll have to load some beer in the fridge to fend off this impending crisis. After all it is a day off for me, I might even get re-refogged just for the hell of it.



Confirmed, Raimundo has just left for the beach…

Beer already in the fridge, and BBQ prepared for lighting at midday.

Can’t keep a good man down…. *evil laugh*