My tastes in music range from classical to the banal.

My interest in music took a minor leap with The Beatles in 1963. My father’s reaction when he caught me listening to them on the radio… “What’s that rubbish? The radio is for listening to the news and cricket!”

You’re welcome to browse down the list I’m sure you’ll recognise some of the stuff, if you’re my age or thereabouts.

It’s all in a questionable alphabetical order.







Staring with:


Axel F



Bonnie Tyler

D. Robles, Peru – El Condor Pasa

Deep Purple


Duelling Banjos – Deliverance

Ennio Morricone

A Fistful Of Dollars

Enya – various

Jean Michel Jarre




Moody Blues

Nigel Kennedy

Paul Mauriat – Love is Blue

Pink Floyd

The Wall

Pop Corn – Jean Michel Jarre


Sky – Gymnopedie

Sky 2

Sky – Live at Drury Lane Theatre – Toccata

SKY – Dance Of The Little Fairies at Live in Bremen, Germany 1980

Sky – Tuba Smarties – Herbie Flowers, the composer, bass player and chief clown of the super-group ‘Sky’, composed this piece as an encore to Sky’s live shows to ‘show off what the tuba can do.’

Sky – Gavotte and Variations – Francis Monkman on the harpsichord

Sky 3

SKY – Dance Of The Big Fairies

Steppenwolf 7


Born to be Wild – Easy Rider soundtrack

The Shadows

Apache – Original