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A Late Start

meltingairthNot me, I’ve been on the go since 7am.

We have been promised a hot day after our cool since Monday. I doubt we will get to the predicted high of 30ºC, as the sun is still trying to bust through the cloud cover. The lack of promised rain meant that I had to return to unwilting wilting plants today. I also watered myself; I let the hose drop to close the gate, and it flipped over and showered me with icy cold water. Not amused.

Lunch was an enticing leftover affair, french fries, two slices of pizza and a piece of wienerschnitzel reheated. So there is some space in the fridge for real food.

Classes today beginning at four, home at 8:30, just in time to miss everything I usually watch on TV.

male-neanderthal-pulling-female-neaNeanderthal sex… now I realise that most women think that men are Neanderthals when it comes to sex. But scientists have been able to pinpoint when homosapiens had sex with Neanderthals. Surprising how much information they can get from a single leg bone found in Siberia. Another fact, did you know that 2% of modern DNA is Neanderthal? So we are all a bit Neanderthal when it comes to the crunch.

British police are looking into the use of TASERS after figures show that 80% of incidents are against mentally disturbed, black and ethnic minorites.

American military leaders have admitted that they grossly underestimated the problems in invading Afghanistan. As did the Russians before them, and the Britich before the Russians. Seems like we never learn.

We read a lot about invasive species, plants and animals that have been transported to new habitats and then wreak havoc on existing plants and animals.

But we never read about the planet’s most invasive species, that does exactly the same; moves to a new area, destroys plants and wildlife, rapes and pollutes the land. Yes, folks, I am talking about us. Are we not the most dangerous invasive species?

That’s something to think about.


You lucky, lucky people

Hmmm, still blank

Hmmm, still blank

I have an hour to write a post.

I don’t promise any miracles, but I can’t in all good conscience go off to work with out putting pen to paper, so to speak.

The paper of course is blank, which is how most of my posts start. I have no preconceived idea as to what I’ll write, if anything.

Sticky Balls

Now I bet that conjures up images, which are probably nothing to do with the sticky balls I am referring to. Apparently they have discovered that nano-sized sticky balls can help stem the spread of cancers via the blood stream.

I was disgusted by an report in the news that an eight year old girl has been arrested in Afghanistan, She was a suicide bomber dressed in an explosive jacket, but she had forgotten how to activate it giving rise to suspicions at the roadblock and time to prevent her demise. What sort of people resort to this kind of thing in the name of religion? I don’t need to name the religion.

While Canada and the US are suffering the effects of this polar vortex, people are saying “well that puts paid to global warming!” They might be freezing, but here in Brazil we have global warming, actually it is more like global scorching. So just because a part of your world is cold doesn’t mean that others elsewhere aren’t suffering from the reverse.

My cold dispenser

My cold dispenser

I have already had my dose of cold today.

It’s not the forecast 39°C they promised, but it is so refreshing to have one of these machines just outside the gate.

Zambia has arrested the leader of the opposition because he called the president a ‘potato’. Obviously the president is a thin-skinned potato if he can’t take criticism.

Ever heard of the ‘Carolina Reaper’?

No? Neither had I until today. Apparently it is the world’s hottest pepper created by a grower in Southern Carolina. It is said to have a heat factor similar to the pepper spray used so gleefully by US law enforcement. To add the sting, the pepper has a tail like a scorpion.

Contrary to popular belief, tooth decay is not a modern problem. Severe decay has been found in teeth 13,600 years old. Around the time man added carbohydrates in the form of corn to their diet.

Well, time to get desmellified and look like a teacher; it instills confidence in ones pupils.



coffee-beautifulBrain explosion/implosion imminent!

Not sure which.

I’ve been awake for nearly two hours, I’ve drunk two coffees, brain does not want to function.

I have managed to post on five blogs (God alone knows how).

If it wasn’t for the laundry lady being here, I would seriously consider a nap was in order; just wait until she’s gone.

Last night I was watching the wrong TV channel, while I figured that out a movie started.

Avatar, I had never seen and partly because of the hype when the movie was released, I wasn’t particularly interested in seeing. I find that many movies given the ‘Hollywood bullshit’ treatment are crap.

Neytiri_ProfilbildBut my interest piqued, and I ended up sacrificing my news on the correct channel to see the first 45 minutes. I became fascinated by the blue aliens with pointy Spock-like ears.

My interest grew and I switched over to watch at each ad break during the novela (soap opera) on the correct channel. When that finished, I watched the rest of the movie.

Really, the movie is a sad indictment on humanity at the same time it was myth-making adventure to save a foreign species, in that the hero became a god-like leader to his adopted people.

I am now tempted to d/load the movie to catch the missing bits.

I guess it’s because I had a later night than usual that I am tired today.

afghancricketOne usually associates the game of cricket with England, Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan and South Africa. One country that does not spring to mind is Afghanistan.

But you have to remember that Britain was there too, and cricket was bound to rub off. In the news yesterday I read that Afghanistan has qualified for the World Championship for the first time in 2015.

Well done, Afghanistan!

Certainly a change from the usual news about bombs, attacks and those nasty Americans.

I’ll make some fresh incentive coffee, and see if I can’t blog along.


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