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It Could Only Happen on A Monday

I got burdened honoured with an award.

And it happened not twenty minutes after I had made the decision not to do any more of these.

But, Pecora Negra is such a nice bloke, I have decided to make this the last. I should really be napping. Also, I haven’t seen this award before.

The Woman’s Skirt Award, I suppose it’s better than being an old woman’s blouse…

Now I have to divulge eight things about myself…

1 :: All my life I have loved guns. Not for their ability to massacre, but the precision needed to put a small piece of metal exactly where you want it at a long distance. Yes, I did some hunting in my early twenties, but didn’t make a habit of it. At the age of 14 in air cadets I had mastered the art of shooting sufficiently that they gave me one of these to play with…

.303 Bren Mk II LMG

.303 Bren Mk II LMG

Boyhood doesn’t get much better.

2 :: I’m a high school dropout. Didn’t pass my school cert, thought bugger this, and left before the end of the year only to enlist in the Air Force at the age of 16 as, you guessed it, an armament mechanic; looking after guns and bombs and other stuff that went bang!

Emmylee eating icecream

Emmylee – Made in Brazil

3 :: I got married at 23 and my wife of 19 spent the next 3½ years pregnant.

4 :: Apart from the original three I added another 8 stepchildren along the way and made one more, Emmylee. Made in Brazil with New Zealand components.

5 :: For 11 years I lived out of a suitcase as I traveled around South America. The only counties I haven’t yet been to are Colombia and Venezuela.

6 :: I can fly. I flew gliders as a sport in the Air Force.

7 :: when I was about 8, I convinced my younger brother he could fly. We were in the hedge beside the kitchen, at the top. I told him if he flapped his arms he could leap serenely from our perch. He jumped just as our mother shouted DON’T! from the kitchen window. He broke his collarbone.

8 :: I have been an atheist since I was 12, so I don’t do Christmas, but wish all my visitors a Merry Quafftide.

Now this is as far as I go. I don’t nominate blogs for these awards, there are too many deserving ones out there. Not the only reason, but the last time I nominated 10 for a similar award, not one acknowledged the fact. So I don’t.

If you feel you would like to participate, steal it and do it. If not, no bones were broken in the process.

I went to the supermarket for some therapy this morning, so I didn’t get my customary nap, a lapse which I am about the rectify.



Another day and no net & Stuff

At least it wasn’t like Sunday, only a short break. No great harm done, but I did drink a lot of coffee…

Saw this photo recently…

Bren LMG & Lee Enfield No. 4

The two bestest!

As a 14 year old air force cadet I was trained initially on the .22 version of the Lee Enfield, then graduated to the big brother, the .303, the real McCoy. I learned what a thump in the shoulder was. The surprising thing was that shooting was the first real activity that I excelled at, apart from academics (not school subjects, that was another of life’s disasters). I was no good with anything that involved a ball, still aren’t. But shooting gave me the confidence that I could do something, and do it well. I was still 14, when because of my proficiency with the Lee Enfield, I was selected to be in the first group in our squadron that used the .303 Bren LMG (Light Machine Gun, despite the fact that it weighed 28lbs).

It was from that moment that my life revolved around firearms. After high school I enlisted in the air force as an armourer. That career was short, the electronics beat me, and they still do. But I was to continue in the cadets involved in training. I also took up shooting as a sport, both militarily and civvy street. I had my own workshop at home and repaired, made and took care of my firearms. I reloaded my own ammo, in many calibres (some that you never heard of), caste my own projectiles and had a ball. For 21 years my life revolved around weapons.

I gave all that up many years ago. But it was fun seeing the photo of my two favourite weapons together like that.

For anyone who is interested, a YouTube clip on the Bren. Probably bore the pants off most of you. There is some music in the last third of the clip.


So, just a touch of nostalgia today.

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