alchemyEver had that feeling that you’ve had this coffee before?

Long ago, I discovered that the old alchemists were wrong. No, not about the gold thingy, but the four elements, earth, wind, fire and water; they forgot coffee.

Of all five elements, coffee is the most important, it’s what makes the world go round, and more importantly, it makes blogging possible. Without coffee, blogging would be a dreary dull exercise.

But, I will carry on regardless.

Is this the Brazilian Spring?

Brazil ProtestAs I predicted, the scraps from the kitchen table that the Blonde Bimbo offered the people of Brazil, weren’t going to wash. They have all been suggested or promised before and didn’t happen. So why should Brazilians believe any different this time? Unfortunately the vandalism and violence continues by a small disruptive element, but the police have already rounded up a few of the perpetrators and thieves.

There have been many protests without incident, but the foreign press seem to ignoring those, doesn’t make for spectacular press.

There’s a good synopsis of the situation on Expanding to Brazil in English, if you’re interested in an informed opinion.

Today is Sunday. Oh, you’d noticed? It’s a cool dull day here in Rio, but the coffee makes it tolerable. Again, I have planned nothing, there’s nothing in the fridge to plan with, I had thought about going out for lunch, but lethargy has taken care of that idea, besides the restaurant has upped its Sunday price again! That’s twice in two months, bugger that.

My Mean Green Leaf Eating Machine has not surfaced. I googled and discovered that it is possible the pupa has gone underground, probably in the big tub where the savaged guava tree grows, and will only emerge in the Spring, which hasn’t sprung yet; it is only June, and spring is about September+. So I will still be on the look out. I’m not going to try and find it for fear of killing it.

Brazil Soccer Confed Cup Italy Japan

Italian coach in a moment of dispair

Brazil played well against Italy yesterday and managed a healthy win, 4 – 2, so they will go into the semifinals of the Confederation’s Cup.

Their opponents haven’t been decided yet, I think that game is today being played about beer o’clock.

Blogging right along.