The Bang!

Today is the last day of the Brazilian Football Championship (Brasileirão). Brazilians get very excited about their football and there have been big sky bangs as they celebrate the day. The banging started about 9am and continues. The game is at 5pm, so there’s a lot of banging to go yet and even more during the game.

The game we’ll be watching is Flamengo vs Vasco.. Now it’s important to me for two reasons, one, I am a Flamengo fan and I want Flamengo to win. If they draw they are out of the Libertadores (South American competition). However, if Vasco win, they win the championship. Failing a Vasco win Corinthians (from São Paulo) win the championship.

Of course if Vasco win the championship, the cup stays in Rio and doesn’t go to São Paulo.

So there’s a heap of shit going on today making the Brazilians more animated than usual.

My head hurts…

The quickie!

Lunch, pork cubes fried off in pan, double squirt of soy sauce, sprinkle of rosemary, small box of cream. Done, eaten! All done to the tunes of Alvin and the Chipmunks (which just happens to be on TV while I am awaiting football news).

Now, it’s beer o’clock.