Yes, I think I was…

Left a horrid taste in my mouth, rather like one would imagine a peanut butter smoothie.

In fact, that’s what started it. A peanut butter smoothie.

This is not the offending image, and I apologise to the owner for dragging him into the fray, but I needed an image that was, shall we say, ‘impartial.’

The ‘slapper’ definitely has NFSH (No Freakin’ Sense of Humour, military acronym, used to describe warrant officers – master sergeants to you Americans).

It all started when I saw a tweet. about a peanut butter smoothie. Now being a chef, peanut butter does not belong in the kitchen; it belongs in school lunch tins and maybe on toast in the morning. I cannot see that anything that sticks to the roof of ones mouth has a place in cuisine.

I commented, in what I thought to be a tongue-in-cheek manner, that the idea seemed horrid.

I was expecting a reply along the lines of, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it!”

But, I got something quite different. I then checked the blog and saw an imagine akin to what I had imagined and reaffirmed my thought.

It was the other way round, but this image was soooo cute

That was when I got bitch slapped. “no one asked you to drink it….. and do you always make a habit of sending mildly rude tweets?” I never make ‘mildly’ rude comments, it had all been taken out of context. In a later comment, I was accused of saying that ‘the post’ was horrid; I never said any such thing, my comment was reserved to my perceived taste of the smoothie. Maybe the misunderstanding was that we were speaking two different languages, one in English and the other in American.

I have a sense of humour, it has stood me in good stead for 60 years and never been so sadly misinterpreted before.

Anyway, I apologised and suggested we take it no further; and guess what? The ‘slapper’ unfollowed me, how freakin’ petty minded can you get? <—– rhetorical question.

I still have a bad taste in my mouth about the affair, and I never even got to try the smoothie.

Bitch slapping bruises the ego.

I have, in my eight years blogging, had only one person stop following one of my blogs, but that was because of a difference in ideologies. I believed that the USA was on track to becoming a Spanish speaking third world country, he being an American was still immersed in the American Dream.

Apart from that my relations on the net have been amiable, so I am wounded.

Hence, there was no Travel Tales yesterday, because that all happened right at the moment I was going to organise the post and it all put me out of sorts.

BTW, I have changed my idea about the future of America, George Orwell was right after all.

Having got that off my chest, I will return to blogging normally and my coffee.