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The Smell of Heaven

a-funny-coffee-quotesYes, I had coffee ready made this morning.

No, waiting that extra eight minutes.

Yesterday it cooled in the late afternoon, and even s few spits of rain that amounted to nothing. That was repeated at 11pm, big heavy rain drops, but again amounted to nothing.

I’ve lost track, but we are well into our third week of high temps, and even the Brazilians are complaining about it.

I feel I must clarify a comment that I made yesterday… When I said “I wish I could do that” I wasn’t referring to Cloro’s nuts as Andrew misconstrued cleverly. I did add a little story about a similar situation to my reply.

The lack of ruffling fur, I have put down to it disappearing when I opted for the clip to be ‘tweaked’ by YouTube to remove shakiness.

It's cooler under the kitchen sink

It’s cooler under the kitchen sink

I’m going have have a <rant>

I have been watching this new pope person carefully. Generally, he’s been doing okay and I have enjoyed his refreshing attitude to many of the antiquated Catholic policies.

But yesterday, he fucked up, totally fucked up.

He spoke about the evils of abortion. Now I’m not in favour of willy-nilly abortion, or abortion as a post-coitus contraception, but I am fully in favour of abortion as a life saving or social measure.

This pope person lambasted all abortion as evil, he totally missed the boat; where he could have pronounced a more moderate approach by the church by, for example, urging the decriminalisation of abortion. I’m not talking about the decriminalisation of backyard-abortionists, rather I’m talking about the women around the world in Catholic countries who are in prison for abortion. The granting of an amnesty for these women. Suggesting to countries like El Salvador (which has the strictest abortion laws in the world) to ease the laws and stop making women criminals. Easing up on situations like the Indian doctor who died in Ireland last year because doctors wouldn’t perform the abortion that would have saved her life.

He talks about the poor, easing up on abortion would go a long way to helping the poor, but then the church needs the poor, denying abortion creates more Catholics. If it wasn’t for the poor there would be NO Catholic church.

Yes, in my opinion, he fucked up and missed the boat.


I don’t apologise about the rant, but somethings really irk me.

50follsSAACI got a nice surprise the other day, my blog Some Animals are Crackers achieved this…

SAAC is my newest blog, and the stats are very modest, so it was gratifying to see that 50+ people are following. If you like animals, hope over and have a look, it’s not just ‘cats and dogs’.

Well, my afternoon student has cancelled; it’s too hot to go and pay the bills, so I am going to do the only sensible thing… submit myself to the rigours of beer o’clock.



Dripping Pussy

closedmind(2)It seems that we don’t understand, a daily pee on the plastic, results in a dripping pussy as she is plonked unceremoniously in the dirt box leaving a trail of drips that have to be cleaned up.

It’s rather frustrating, hence I am not thinking straight.

Lunch was great, mince on toast, again, this time with reheated roast potatoes and pickled beetroot. Drinking fresh orange juice.

I did it gain. I watched football last night with wine and cheese. Oh, I hate myself! No, I don’t. I got bored with the game, after watching world class football Brazil vs Portugal the night before, the game last night lacked class, I went to bed before half time.

You guys get over there and see how funny we can be!

You guys get over there and see how funny we can be!

My new blog Some Animals are Crackers is not progressing as I hoped. It was a slow start, then seemed to pick up for a week, then slumped to several days with no visits at all.

Now if you guys, both of you,  really loved me you’d be clicking on the link to rectify the situation.

Maybe animals just aren’t funny any more…

One class today at 5:30 then it’s weekend. Tomorrow I have to trek to Barra to get my pay, that’s a day wasted only compensated by a sushi lunch.

The Americans haven’t admitted that they spied on Brazil, the president or Petrobras, but have said it is cause for concern. The bloody hypocritical bastards. Yesterday was the deadline for a response.

Reading the news (not mainstream, they will feed you shit), the USA was already unpopular, but since these spying scandals, Syria and associated problems, they have truly become the pariahs of the world. The USA has become about as popular as a pork chop in a synagogue, and believe me, that’s not very popular.

I read this on a blog meme:

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: Cider! Oh, wait… non-alcoholic… er, gin? I’m not very good at this.

Tickled my fancy.

Last up today Cloro in another film, Cloro and the Big Stick, enjoy


I am Incurable

Yesterday, I had planned a post. I was determined that I would not miss writing a post.

But, alas, I failed… again.

Too much animal content

Too much animal content

Despite the best of intentions, I got sidetracked. It was driven by thoughts of my most popular blog becoming, almost, my most unpopular blog. Nether Region of the Earth was my first blog in 2004, it was then my only blog. I took matters in hand, and remade the blog NRotE II, and created a personal blog, and some others. Then came the disaster with Blogspot/Google and all was lost in 2011. I started again on WordPress and all was well until 26th Feb, and my blogs seemed to become invisible with NRotE III suffering the biggest downturn. Like today for example, it has had 3 hits at 2pm, and yesterday amassed 13 for the whole day. This is a blog that used to get 200+ up to 300 hits per day.

I began to wonder if I was having too much ‘animal’ content. I took the bull by the proverbial horns yesterday and split the animal content off to another blog.


This is the result. If you are so inclined, click on the banner to drop on over.

Yesterday became devoted to organising a new blog and associated widgets.

So the day was not lost. Today, I posted my last Caturday on NRotE III and my first on Some Animals are Crackers, ah different posts, double the fun.

Tonight I am taking ex and family out for pizza. An annual event to celebrate multiple August birthdays, 8th, 12th, 16th 29th and a couple in September, 7th & 17th. It’s cheaper to have one BIG bash than many little ones. There may be evidence, if I don’t forget to take the camera.

Four luscious pineapples

Four delicious pineapples

A couple of days ago, I bought four pineapples. I love pineapple juice, I haven’t made it yet. So far, I’ve had pineapple dessert, grilled pineapple, pork and pineapple sweet and sour and lunch today was grilled chicken breast with revamped leftover sweet and sour sauce and mashed potatoes. The new stove has been getting a good workout.

It’s a hot day, you’ll have to wait while I go and make some juice.

Delicious, and another pineapple top to plant. I can’t just throw them out, they grow so easily and look great as a pot plant, indoors and out.

The other week I posted about forgetting things on Genes, you know when you go into another room and stand there bewildered wondering why?

It happened to me yesterday. I went into the kitchen and did a couple of things, then wondered why I was there. Walking back through the door into the living room, I remembered, I went to get a drink of cold water. So I returned and got my drink. So it’s true what they say about event boundaries.

I read yesterday that Nestlé was having problems with a downturn in profits. After my post Make you Fink on Friday yesterday dealt with companies responsible for making us fat, then doubling their profits for products that make us thin again, I was not at all sad about the news, I felt somewhat vindicated; and more than pleased as it would appear that people are learning these corporations are the real enemy.

Two... actually

Two… actually

I should blog along, I still have two blogs to go.



I forgot to mention that the last hafl glass of pineapple juices fisnished up as a pinã colada… double yum! You can tell by the typos… 🙂

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