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Plan B

PoweredbycaffeinePlan A was yesterday, go to the supermarket.

I opted for Plan B, go to the supermarket tomorrow.

It is now tomorrow and I didn’t take into account that it would be pissing down with rain.

I have to go to the supermarket, because the fridge was empty yesterday, today it is ultra-empty. I have enough milk for two more coffees, then it is Armageddon.

Actually, I do have food, but it is all frozen, and I am saving it for my birthday BBQ next month.

I woke early this morning, at counter-productive o’clock. It was like 5am. Normally, I am okay with waking at that hour, but I chose to watch the TV movie, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, the one with Nicholas Cage. It was coolish, predictable, but coolish. It finished at 1am+, whereas I am normally in bed before 11pm. Waking at 5am didn’t gel well at all.

In the news, we have these dopes ah, doped athletes. We need to take a stronger stance with this doping shit. I am all in favour of lifetime bans, none of this banned from the next event pussy footing nonsense. Ban them from all competitive sport for life. Would they run the risk then? Probably…

The news has once again been full of major headlines for five days. A Glee actor was found dead. The people need to know about this, spying on emails is not important, climategate is not important, the world is not important.

I have discovered a paradox. We all need a healthier diet…

aservingoffruitSee, the world is just full of paradoxes.

These are the things that I come to grip with on a daily basis, they torment me, they twist my mind, blacken my soul.

Last night on the TV news, after seeing the C-130 land yesterday on all channels various times, they showed the Popemobile being unloaded; not once, not twice, but three times. I was soooo enthralled. It was accompanied by more wood hugging and kissing. Such devout believers in a myth.

There is no such thing as heaven and hell as places, they are hopes and fears in the dark corners of people’s minds. I fail to understand how ‘intelligent people allow themselves to be controlled by a perpetual myth, perpetrated by those who want to control.

karma1Enough, the rain has stopped, time to get out of my pyjamas and dash to the supermarket.

Any odds that it will start raining again as soon as I poke my head out the gate? Murhy’s Law in action.


Cold Feet

My feet are this cold

No, I wasn’t getting married, I didn’t run from the church; my flipflops broke, well, one did. I’m wearing just socks on a slate floor. My frequent runs to the kitchen to replenish my coffee result in cold feet.

I am still suffering from the snots, I may have cold feet, but it is my nose that is running. Can’t seem to shake this ‘flu completely. The main symptoms have gone, it’s just this infernal runny nose. I have even resorted to an old t-shirt rag to use as a handkerchief, because a normal hanky just doesn’t do it.

My button disappeared. The other night I went to turn off the telly and I couldn’t find the button. It’s disappeared into the panel. Now I have to use the remote.

I tell you, all these little things point to Armageddon. The world is slowly self-destructing.

I see that Burger King is set to conquer China and Coca-Cola wants to set up shop in Burma. I mean China probably isn’t that important, they already have McDonald’s so they are doomed which ever way you look. But clean, pristine Burma, they should do everything possible to avoid the Americanisation of the country.

There are only three countries that don’t sell Coca-Cola, Burma, North Korea and Cuba.

Only three countries in the world that are not contaminated, not dominated by American ‘culture’ (and I use that word loosely). The only real culture that America has can be found in the blue vein cheese in the supermarket.

My plea to Burma… Don’t do it!


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