Funny-meme-Monday-will-be-over-soonAnd, now I am suffering. I’ve got a sore back, all that carpentry over the weekend, and again this morning. I made a new shelf for under the kitchen sink. It even hurts to reach over the keyboard. So this post comes with suffering, blood, sweat and tears.

Nothing much to report, my student rang, she’s left her books at home, so the lesson is cancelled for today… Pheeew!

Been sunny up till now, it’s just darkened. We had a change of weather yesterday with a lot of wind and a little rain over night.

Just finished lunch. Slapdash! Slapped some chicken cubes in the pot, sloshed in some mustard and soya sauce, diced up some celery and cooked some rice. Done!

I mentioned that our street had new carpet.


New carpet

Originally it was parallelapipados (cobblestones), and looked like this.



But they got patchy and it was a mess. It was also a natural traffic barrier, and most cars passed carefully. Now that is nice and smooth, they think they’re Formula 1 drivers. This is making it dangerous for the kids crossing to the praça. Our stretch is particularly notorious for kids crossing without looking.

Ellen Suelen, my stepdaughter used to do this…

Ellen Suelen siting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g, no eating guava!

Ellen Suelen sitting in a tree, k.i.s.s.i.n.g, NO eating guava!

Mum could never find the paring knife, any wonder.

Now she’s grown up, she doesn’t sit in the tree wearing just her panties anymore. But when she arrived on Saturday for the BBQ, first thing she did was to pull down a branch of my tree and pluck off a couple of guava.

Ellen Suelen doesn't sit in the guava tree anymore

Ellen Suelen doesn’t sit in the guava tree anymore

Mum tells me there is another problem, boys are hanging off the gate by the dozen drooling teenage hormones.

*Dad oils up the shotgun*

No need really, Ellen’s opinion of boys is that they’re a hinderance.

A few years ago our blonde bimbo president said that Brazil was protected from the decline in the global economy after the 2008 crash. At the time I cried bullshit! Last quarter Brazil went into a recession… and guess what? The blonde bimbo is blaming the global decline. I had to laugh.

Looks like she won’t be president for much longer. With the death of Eduardo Campos in the plane crash and Marina da Silva stepping into his shoes, her party went from struggling to make double figures in the polls 8, 9, 10% to 34% within a week; which puts her dead level with the incumbent.

Mine's not that bad!

Mine’s not that bad!

I am all for Marina, she’s probably the most honest politician in Brazil. But I have misgivings about her being an evangelical, therefore against abortion and same sex marriage. She could take Brazil backward in these areas.

It doesn’t particularly concern me, I’m not about to have an abortion (it’s a beer belly), nor am I about to marry a bloke.

But she is right on the ball to make Brazil the greenest country in the world, and she’s no slug went it comes to the economy either.

I see that celebrities are concerned after nude photos were leaked from cloud storage sites. Confirming my opinion that cloud storage is a disaster waiting to happen and  isn’t safe. If they don’t want their nudes photos spread across the planet, don’t take them.

A Briton has been jailed for six years after killing the arsehole that stole his son’s iPhone at knife point. The father went looking for him armed with a knife, and after being blinded by the assailant’s knife in one eye, he stabbed him. While this wasn’t the correct way to resolve the matter, he should have called the police. But I am of the opinion that the world is one arsehole less. Turns out he had ten previous armed assaults, he should never have been on the streets; he was too dangerous. No sympathy from this quarter.

Here’s my parting shot for the day!

‘Half of state school teachers face pupil aggression’ Headlines from BBC News.

This situation has been getting progressively worse, and it will not stop here.

Kick the aggressors out of the school system, don’t give them benefits, they shit in their own nest; make them realise that. Make them labour for their living, if they turn to crime, lock the door and throw away the key.

Grumpy old bastard, aren’t I?

Ah, that’s a rhetorical question.