train-robberyThe title comes from a comment left yesterday…

…and just as I was about to go train spotting.

But I couldn’t find a horse.

Besides, the trains here either carry commuters or soya beans, not millions of pounds, so the exercise would be rather fruitless. I’m sure that stealing soya beans would not give me the notoriety needed to seek asylum, although they may well put me in one.

I didn’t get back yesterday as I thought I might.

So you’re all first up this morning now that I have cleared my mail box.

The rain has arrived, sort of. A few spatters overnight, and again this morning, it just spattered some more. Five minutes of spattering, then it unspattered. But unlike the past night’s dismal efforts, this is enough to wet the ground slightly and so may save the bushes in the praça.

In a fit of generosity on Friday, while beerificating for the afternoon at the botequim, I did something that I have been mulling over for sometime. The front of the botequim has always been rather stark, just a concrete veranda and bare posts. I have long felt that it needs to be more welcoming, other than the beer adverts. Although the prospect of beer is indeed welcoming.

The new look botequim

The new look botequim

I donated the various ornamental plants that I had around the backyard to gussy-up the place a bit. I managed three between beers before Raimundo caught me adding the fourth. He laughed and said that I was the only one in the neighbourhood who would do such a thing, and said thanks. Some of the regulars approved, others didn’t even notice in their search for more welcoming ideas. Those that did notice immediately recognised it as my doing.

The silly box…

Who killed Cock Robin bin Laden. Who gives a shit? He’ dead, let him swim rest in peace.

Pringles lids are expensive

Pringles lids are expensive

In England, or Wales, or somewhere over there, dropping a Pringles lid cost some turkey £500. The moral of the story, eat your crisps from a bag… Now I understand why Pringles are so expensive.

Also in Wales, I think, a police demonstration at a kindergarten went wrong. Instead of using a dummy cannister of pepper spray, they used a live one and sprayed the group of four year olds with the volatile liquid. Now the object was to endear the kids toward the police… Oh, I’m sure that worked, those kids will have a lifetime fear of the police. Oh, the trauma.

I have a niggle. I hate blogs that have a static ‘homepage’ and you have to search for blog posts. I like it when you open a blog, the latest post is there to be read. If you like it and want to search for other aspects of the blog, then do so.

tomorrow-is-monday-again-smallThe laundry lady has been and gone, the house is quiet again, so I can concentrate on posting to my other blogs.

There is still more coffee left, ah, the bliss…

Tomorrow is Monday, I wonder what misguided fortunes it will bring.