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The BBQ is… ON!

Beer de jour

Beer de jour

BBQ lunch is on the way. Sunny day, not too hot, just ideal for a small personal BBQ and beer.

A slight departure from my normal Brahma or Bohemia, the supermarket didn’t have packs, so I got a beer that was in a pack.

Unfortunately it doesn’t grow on trees.

Which would be good because it’s rather yummy.

The steak is progressing, salted with rock salt, and peppered with cracked black peppercorns on the other. I just turned it, the smell of cracked pepper on the ‘Q is awesome wafting threw my window on the air from the fan.

It’s not a news worthy day, a bit like yesterday’s programme, just insert ‘Q instead of the late breakfast.

Found this on the net yesterday:


Makes one understand why Canadians like Canada…

Then I found this:


Being a New Zealander albeit an expat, I had to agree.

The ‘Q is nearly done, bread rolls beautifully toasted, steak on the turn…

Lots of fire left, so I peppered a couple of frozen Merluza (Hake) fillets just to see what happens.

It’s time to study my beerography…


Basking in Sunshine

british-weatherYes, in Rio de Janeiro, that’s what we normally do. We also do broiling, roasting, sweating in the sunshine.

I just read a headline that England is expected to be basking in the sunshine, now of course, for England this is news.

For Rio this is not news, it would be news if the beer ran out.

Yesterday I mentioned Prozac. It was a joke, I don’t need Prozac, I have coffee.

coffeeprozacBut I was surprised during the week to read that artists, musicians, writers, composers, philosophers consider that using Prozac heightens their experience and makes them more creative.

I get that with coffee, hell, if I took Prozac too, I’d be a creative blathering wreck; but then I am a blogger, what can I say? <—– Rhetorical question.

I had a thought…

But it escaped.

I need more coffee!

*pregnant pause*

Got coffee, thought returned. Warning, this is offensive – to Americans

Long ago there was no television, some of us remember those days… unfortunately. But, we did have radio. One of the radio programmes that I enjoyed was The Goon Show.

Now this programme is solid proof that Americans have no culture.

Most Britains understand the Goon humour without having to think about it, similarly Australians and New Zealanders.

This is due to understanding our culture.

Americans just look blankly and go WTF? See, absolutely no understanding of culture.

If you have the time, listen to this…


The Goon Show was one form of humour that could never be converted to television.

I used to have this LP (Long Player record, for those too young to remember LPs), in fact I had many of their LPs.

There, just a touch of nostalgia.

Must blog along.


Blow divine eau

Christmas is over in Brazil, we don’t have Boxing Day, so  it’s back to work in 20 minutes.

In case you’re wondering at the title, it’s a common expression used by New Zealanders and, I think, Aussies to express doubt or a lack of knowledge. Say it aloud, you’ll get it.

45thermometerYesterday was officially the hottest day of the year. 46°C, in Fahrenheit it sounds even hotter, 118°F. The thermal sensation was 53°C. Today is also hot, but not quite yesterday.

Looks like we’re in for one hot as hell summer, because these temperatures don’t usually arrive until mid – late January.

It’s time I was off into the wild blue youder. Did you get the title?

Here’s another, ‘Immense pest frenzies dog.’

They’re actually from an old book called New Zild and how to speak it, it takes a swipe at the way Kiwis talk.

It’s not Spring Yet

At least, not for another two days.

But the temperature here is 40°C (that’s about 106°F for our American cousins who haven’t shifted into the 21st century with the rest of us), It was 37 yesterday, and I melted, today I feel like a batter pudding, dropped into smoking hot fat and returned to the oven on the highest temperature.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I have class at 5:30pm, I would have deemed it to be beer o’clock already. There is still hope that the phone call will come…

Talk about global warming; it’s warmed more than my glo bals I tell you.

Even Lixo is exhausted. Even though he finds solace on the slate floor which is measurably cooler. I am tempted to lie on the floor with him, but it’s difficult to see the keyboard.

I have drunk so much water today, I am in fear of drowning.

Last summer was intolerably hot after a hot spring, this year it looks set to repeat.

The Australians surprised me. Damned sight more conservative than I thought; they have voted against gay marriages. After all they have the largest gay Mardi Gras parade in the world, I would have thought it to be a foregone conclusion. Then you only have to look at their parliament from the prime ministress down and you’d understand.

I have decided that Mitt Romney is the most dangerous man in the world after his most recent gaffes about 47% of Americans are lazy and will only vote for Obama, then he gets stuck into the Palestinians saying they don’t want peace, that they are determined to eliminate Israel, but he forgot to mention that Israel has the same agenda for the Palestinians, the Palestinians are not happy chappies. The Muslims are all up in arms over some film and busy turning the world further against them than it is already.

But one piece of good news, according to the Borowitz Report (link, don’t be lazy google it) Romney is having his mouth wired shut until after the elections.

Then there was the case of the little old ladies who found a frog in a bag of Tesco’s spinach; apparently one of them was a vege or vegan, and the idea didn’t go down well at all, in fact it all came up.

It’s so nice to see the world is a happy place.

Blogging right along.


You Can’t Disturb Me!

See, I’m already disturbed.

Today is Saturday, it must be, because every calendar I have read today tells me it is.

The sun is shining, it has the prospects of being a beautiful day with the promise of 30°C (about 86°F), which means great beer drinking weather.

Yesterday I had my partial plate fitted, it’s not as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. It still isn’t supporting the wiggly tooth, that comes next Friday, but it has filled in a couple of gaps and makes eating a little easier.

I brought new socks yesterday too; real socks, not the stupid little socks I got by mistake.

I have decided the world is a circus…

Because it’s full of freakin’ clowns. The latest clowns to enter the arena are the Russians with their stupidity over Pussy Riot and banning Gay Pride parades for 100 years. Then there’s the American clowns, Swedish clowns and the British clowns doing their slapstick routine over Julian Assange’s asylum. The Israeli clowns are ready to blow the lid off the Middle East abetted by the American clowns. The Australian clowns have shot themselves in the foot over the colour of the ‘plain packs’ for cigarettes, they chose the most masculine colour around, olive green; nothing exudes masculinity like military association. The Iranian clowns entered the stage telling the world to sod off with their humanitarian earthquake aid, then back peddled. The American clowns are sulking, because their new toy didn’t work… again.

Yes, the world is a circus. A sorry sad state of affairs, it’s no wonder that I am disturbed already.

Anyway, on with the business of being Saturday.



Yes, I have some things to write about. Not sure yet what, but maybe I’ll remember as the post goes along.

9th November is the day I celebrate not having a Wedding Anniversary to celebrate. It was 37 years ago yesterday when I took that fatal trip down the aisle.

Australians and New Zealanders have always been at each other. All the Polish jokes that Americans know, all the Portuguese jokes told by Brazilians; New Zealanders tell about the Aussies.

Then I found this this morning, made me spill my coffee.

I have finished my split days, but the time available for blogging doesn’t seem to have followed suit. I just don’t know where the time goes.Today, I can probably blame it on the fact that I stayed up until midnight to watch Vasco vs Universidad del Peru football game, and then fell asleep in the second half so I still don’t know who won. I’ll have to find out before work because my first student is a Vasco fan, it helps relationships in the classroom if you know whether the chide him or celebrate with him. I mentioned yesterday that he always emails me when Flamengo (my team) loses, never when they win…

I added a new page on Nether Region of the Earth III today rather than restart my old blog Things that are NOT Normal. The page Risque is located on the top bar and contains ‘naughty bits.’

Tuesday was my Monday this week. Mondays are my nemesis. The first thing was the bus didn’t stop. The arsehole driver saw me, saw my walkingstick and drove on by; this happens with monotonous regularity in Rio. Company policy, because ‘handicapped’ people travel free, however, I pay in cash. Then on the way home I got the same arsehole driver. Didn’t say a word, but he knew by my attitude that I recognised him. Getting off the bus, the bastard closed the doors on me and trapped me between them. I told him in no uncertain terms in front of a bus load of people to go buy a new attitude! Got a round of applause for that. Then after dinner at a good and not-so-cheap restaurant, the cashier forgot to order the cab I asked for, and it was 45 minutes later that it arrived. Not a good day.

Well, that’s it for now.


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