To be famous, I need to change my image.

Source: Why are you so awesome?

It seems to have worked for Lindsay Lohan. Smeagle became famous!

Then again, maybe I need someone famous to promote my blog…


I’ll try anything… well almost anything!

I got a pleasant surprise last night; WordPress acknowledged a milestone on my Genes blog.


Could be that things are looking up, although, I have never recovered the readership that I had before the 26th Jan and the dramatic drop that happened.

Even passing the 1,000 likes Genes doesn’t rise above 10 daily visits. Go figure!

cinco-de-mayoI suppose I should wish you all a Happy Avocado and Hot Sauce Day.

Well, it’s actually Cinco de mayo, but as I don’t celebrate Cinco de mayo, I make it Happy Avocado Day.

Nothing like a good guacamole dip and tomato hot sauce to have with my nachos.

During the night I had to slake my thirst, first I bumped into the door jamb, then I kicked the sofa, then I thought what a good idea it would have been to turn the light on.

Sometimes good ideas come after the event.

It was about that time I saw a fleeting movement on the kitchen shelf. I rustled a bag and a rat leapt out into my vege stand then decided to beat a hasty retreat to the bathroom.

Then Lixo arrived home… where was he when I needed him?

2am and he wanted tickles, I told him to get the rat first and rolled over.

None of the above was amongst my plans to post about today.

I had planned to post about cheese making, but I guess that can wait for another day.

The sun is out, the day promises to be a 35°C autumnish day. I will go and sweep the yard. That will raise a sweat that needs to be quenched. I will then do some quenching and think about lunch. The nachos are for TV snack tonight.