Cow plops

Cow plops

No, not plops as in poos.

I have finally defeated my funny furry feline friend.

Whenever I lay down for a nap, a daily occurrence, Clorinha knows exactly the moment to come in from her perch on the old fridge in the carport and jump on the bed for pets and cuddles, which robs me of nap time.

I have tried all manner of devious devices so that she won’t know. I finally figured it was the double plop of my flipflops hitting the floor.  If I take them off without the telltale plop, she doesn’t know.

4am this morning… boomp. BOOMP in the face again. “Wake up, it’s time for breakfast!”

As luck would have it, I needed an early morning trip to the throne room, so she got her breakfast and I went to back to bed.

Useless, because after her breakfast… boomp, purr, knead my chest, PURR. She got her pets, tried to sleep. Then my gullet decided it had reflux, quite painful, so I got up and had a glass of Enos. The cold fizzy left me wide awake… up again, check emails, finally a healthy burp and I was back in bed.

No good, I was too awake. Up again, read news, answered some emails.

The day had started.

Coffee, blogging.

Nap at 9:30.

Up again, watered withering plants.

Did dishes… yes, twice this week!

It is now midday, and lunch time.

Yes, time to fill the sink again. It’s a never ending cycle.

Lunch today, crumbed flounder fillets and chips.

The year has officially half gone, only six months of shopping days until Christmas. I wonder how early it will start this year, August, September…

So we can abuse you

So we can abuse you

FaceBook has been trying to manipulate people emotions in a trial they manipulated what 700,000 people saw and how they reacted. Then they published a paper about it. They claimed it was because they ‘care’, what a load of CRAP! The only thing that FaceBook care about is how to exploit people and make more money. There have been international calls calling the research unethical because they didn’t ask your consent, you didn’t have a chance to opt out. One thing you can be sure of is that FB will use that information commercially to make more money. Feel used? You should be.

Time for lunch and the news; then football.