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The Day was Going Fine

All babies look like frogs

All babies look like frogs

I had blogged almost everywhere, I had replied to all comments, I had cleared my mail box, I had finally finshed the dishes.

The house was like an oven, the botequim still had no beer. I had Nap-fued and when I woke, the beer was being delivered; of course it was warm beer.

I took a well earned break, sitting under the trees with my neighbours enjoying beer from my freezer, and admiring their new born frog baby.

Oh, come on let’s face it, new borns look like frogs; mine did too, but I would have met a fate worse than death had I made such a pronouncement. This was the hairest frog baby I have ever seen; three days old and ready for his first trip to the barber’s.

It was about 3pm… and the frog’s father suggested BBQ.

I sat up straighter and paid more attention than I ever did in Miss Scott’s English class. “What did you say?” Was my response. Adriano looked guiltily at me, “I said BBQ.” His wife glared first at him, then at me. She thinks I am a bad influence and teaching her husband bad habits. Believe me, he needs no teaching.

Anyway, that’s when the day stopped.

The BBQ was underway, there was more beer in the freezer.

And that, dear reader, is why I didn’t post yesterday and the sink is full of dishes again.

I did get to the supermarket yesterday, so there is food in the fridge again, along with some beer.

Silly Box: The Chinese are scared of Christmas. So much so that one university banned Christmas and forced the students to watch three hours of communist propaganda films.

The French have a jobless crisis, no money, but they can find money to buy elephants. Priorities are important.

The pope condemns the persecution of minority religions. There was no mention that the Catholic church was the greatest persecutor a few centuried ago.

I read a blog last night. Some wonderful photos of some idyllic place. But the author had many photos of him in this idyllic place. Why do people have to be in their travel photos? Eleven years travelling all over South America, more than 12,000 catalogued photos, and I don’t appear in a single one. Is this some horrible form of narcism?

My passion fruit vines have had several flowerless days. None of the previous flowers produced fruit, so I am hopeful that the ones due to appear today change the course of recent history

Kim Jong-un berates Obama over the film The Interview. He doesn’t have the right to berate anybody. Many films have been made of despots, but none of them had a tantrum over it.

This is my last post of the day. It is a Saturday, my students cancelled yesterday, so I am free.

nothingI will spend the rest of the day enjoying the hot sun and cold beer.

I will do nothing,

Unless of course, someone mentions BBQ then things could change.

Later, like tomorrow…



The panic button

Fartiferious, wonderful word, just rolls off the tongue, it almost has a smell of its own.

To me it has the air of being alone at home farting with delight whenever one has the urge.

Well, today is not so fartiferious. I am fartifearophobic – the fear of farting…

I have crook guts and an even dodgier bowels.

I will not bore you with further details in the interests of human decency.

Draino for use in cocktails

Draino for use in cocktails

I have spent a good part of the day napping trying to nap, but none to successfully.

I am not eating, just drinking water, if I thought the system would handle it, I’d make a Draino cocktail.

But, I don’t like ‘diet’ nor cans.

I have class soon, it’s not going to be pleasant walking the whole kilometre to get there with these cramps. But I have just had 2+ weeks off due to public holidays and I am skint.

I believe in live and let live. I do not kill things unnecessarily, except sodding mosquitoes and passion-fruit-vine-hungry caterpillars.

Last night a honey bee flew in the window. Now many would have been rushing for the Raid or whatever, but not me; bees are good, bees are necessary. I just didn’t particularly want this bee being a bee in my room. So, I swatted him with the back of my hand. Now bees are pretty resilient creatures, he shook his little head, dedazed himelf and realised he should be a bee being  bee somewhere else and flew back out the window.

Mother Nature sent me a ‘thank you card’.

The Blonde Bimbo (Dilma Rousseff, the president) made a state-of-the-nation address on Labor Day, in it she promised tax benefits for the poor and increased welfare. It’s election year this year, she wouldn’t be bucking for votes, now would she?  <—- Rehtorical question

Today, Clorinha seemed to have a change of heart. During one of attempts to nap she became all lovey dovey and wanted to be petted, she smooched and head butted me, it was lovely… until she bit me fiercely on the nipple! It was all a poly to distract me.

Undo/open any bag, package in the house and there she is doing her Dora the Explorer impression:

Turn the volume down, the laundry lady can’t stop talking.

Here’s something to think about, the future…






Mental Blocks

mentalblockThese are my mental blocks.

I play with them when I can’t think of anything, actually that is a form of mental tetris, when I can’t fit things together.

This morning I have blogged on all blogs, so I am pretty much blogged out.

I’ve tried coffee.

That just gave me the sweats.

Yes, it’s another hot day. Yesterday broke the 40ºC (106ºF) barrier, with the thermal sensation of 50ºC (freakin’ hot ºF).

I’ve tried iced water, that set my root canal needing tooth on edge.

bananasmoothieI am seriously considering a mind-numbing banana slushie to up my potassium levels.

Can you overdose on potassium?

I have two classes this afternoon, longing for the chill of the air conditioner in the classroom.

After class yesterday, I went out for pizza and cold beer. Waddled off home with a full belly. Notably, my capacity has reduced; I didn’t eat nearly as much as I have been able to in the past. I am losing weight. In fact my belt hasn’t got any more holes, yet.

I am worried.

tabletYes, about the 3Rs, reading, writing and ‘rithmatic. I read this morning about schools that have done away with text and exercise books.

The kids all have tablets. The teacher has a blog, she writes up the lesson as a post and each of the kids have a blog (taught to create) to do the exercise, which the teacher then reads and corrects.

I’m not so sure that I agree. What happens to kids writing skills?

I know we are heading for a paperless society, but what happens if there is no electricity?

Don’t laugh. It’s entirely possible, the national grid has gone down before with severe sunspot activity; although there is a dearth of that at present, leading to the speculation that we may be heading into another Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) which was the period of the Little Ice Age which affected North America and Europe.

Think about what is happening to weather patterns now with this polar vortex that has Americans freezing their bollocks off.

Stranger things are possible.

I have started a new series on They Say it’s in the Genes on Sundays, Bringing up Baby, by Baby. It features amongst other ideas this little fellow.

Party Toddler

Many of the situations are familiar to most of us.

Must get this post in the ‘mail’.




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