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Sorry, I have a headache

headacheNo, there was no suggestion of sex…

No, I didn’t drink too much yesterday…

I have been thinking too long about too much on not enough caffiene.

I have been posting sporadically since 1am, between naps; you couldn’t call them sleeps.

I lived with that old story “Sorry, I have a headache” for so long during my marriage, that finally I took a glass of water and two aspirin to the bedroom where my wife was reading in bed. “What are they for?” she asked. “They’re for your headache,” I replied. “I don’t have a head….!” She never finished that sentence.


There was nowhere in her list of feminine wiles that she could squirm out of that one.

grammar-vaderNow I’m going to put my Grammar Nazi cap on. Look at that meme above, it was obviously made by an American. How can I tell? They’ve used the vowel sound form of the indefinite article ‘an’ for headache.

Americans have this habit of using ‘an’ for all ‘h’ words.

Totally wrong!

The ‘an’ form is only used when the ‘h’ word has a silent ‘h’ and the first sound is that of a vowel. An hour, for example, or an honour; but a hotel or a headache.

g+I clicked on a link in a blog today. It was a blog that I have visited often, so it was trusted and I discovered, horror of horrors, that I have a Google+ account. How the f*#k did I get that? I have purposely stayed away from Google+, as I try to do with most Google products, because I don’t trust them! I am more than a little miffed about this because it means that Google can control what platforms I use. I told you, they are not to be trusted!

An interesting phenomenon. Every MSM (mainstream media) source tells us that the economy is doing great, we are out of the recession, unemployment is down, shares are up, we’ve got cheap oil, etc. The news is almost rosy. But when I visit reports and articles written by independent specialists, economists and the like, they say the exact opposite; that the economy is NOT doing so great, unemployment is down because they’ve cooked the figures, that 2015 could see the beginning of the end for the global economy, that the government’s money printing, the bank’s derivatives and Wall Street open slather policies are all one big Ponzi scheme and that the house of cards is so big that it could fall at any moment. The cheap oil could well be the trigger….

Watch this space!

Netanyahu is spewing. The Palestinians are trying to join the International Criminal Court. Which means that Palestine would be able to pursue war criminals. Now if Netanyahu had a clear conscience over Israeli actions, why would that bother him? Good question!

“Most types of cancer can simply be put down to bad luck rather than risk factors such as smoking, a study suggests.”BBCNews. Once again, it appears that everything we are told and accept as gospel needs to be questioned.

Silly Box: I was going to put Tony Idiott here, simply because he is.

But then I found this… Constipated goldfish  A goldfish lover from Norfolk paid hundreds of pounds in vets’ fees when his pet became constipated. – BBCNews A big pet like a horse, I can understand, a dog or a cat, I can understand; but a goldfish? Or am I just an insensitve clod? <—– Hypotheticl question, doesn’t really need an answer.

Yesterday reached its very-bloody-hotºC, and we have been promised hotter than that today. The sun is already very strong and I have to go and water the plants.

I also have to do the dishes, make more coffee, take something out of the freezer for eating purposes and take a dump (for which I’ll spare you the details).


Cold, Hungry & Miserable

This is what the chill factor feels like

This is what the chill factor feels like

Yes, I’m cold, I was wearing my jacket this morning while at the PC. I have just taken it off and am debating the wisdom of this.

I’m hungry, I had a cooked breakfast this morning just so I could spend fifteen more minutes in front of the stove.

I’m miserable for both reasons above.

If someone tells me to chill out today, their ducking skills had better be good.

For those of you who missed the update on yesterday’s post. My Floozy Clorinha came home last night, exactly 24 hours after I last saw her. She began meowing from the gate until I put some meat in her dish. She was cold, hungry and miserable too.

I think she is in her first season and was out looking for randy Toms. As was pointed out in a comment, I am NOT talking about her first season at the Met.

Five likes

Five likes

My new blog, What’s left of my life, has had a few visitors and had likes before I had put up the widgets.

Then I got one of these…

New photo and story up today. I may do another, checking through my archives (some 13,000+ images) there’s so much I want to post.

I read an interesting threat on Twitter the other day; cracked me right up. It’s good to have a laugh.

“I wear heels bigger than your dick!”

Yes, well, that about says it all.

Then on the news, The Extinction of the Dinosaurs was ‘Bad Luck’ Well, it certainly wasn’t good luck. Further in the news, it was good luck for us that the dinosaurs became extinct as they have discovered the T-Rex hunted in packs.

Here’s something to think about. I guarantee you’ve never imagined this…

Did T-Rex have a sex life?

Did T-Rex have a sex life?

If you have, then I can suggest a good psychologist, you are in dire need of therapy.

Of course they had a sex life. How do you think they got little T-Rexes?

Imagine T-Rex PMT… Just be thankful for what you’ve got.

Well, the local news has just finished that means it’s lunch time; I should go and lunch.



friday13Friday 13th is supposed to be ominous for some reason.

The fear of Friday the 13th has been called friggatriskaidekaphobia (Frigga being the name of the Norse goddess for whom “Friday” is named in English and triskaidekaphobia meaning fear of the number thirteen) – Wikipedia

For me it is just another day. I can’t recall that anything dastardly has ever occurred to me on that day and date. Apart from the fact that my last bottle of fizz ran out this morning, so I am fizzless.

Cool and cloudy today; no rain.

Headlines in the papers this morning, Prince Harry reaches the south pole, who cares.

Much more interesting reading about the swathe of executions this week. The Japanese have been at it, although clandestinely, Bangladesh has had one, and North Korea, Kim Jong-un got rid of an uncle. No doubt other less notable heads rolled as well. We are so civilised.

Interesting reading the United Nations reaction to Uruguay’s legalisation of marijuana, they say it’s illegal. Since when has the UN been able to tell a country that its law is illegal? Obviously the UN is siding with the US on this.

I had half planned to have a nap after this post. My last for the day, but my email box keeps filling up and I feel behooved to reply or visit other blogs. I’m not complaining, I love comments and emails, but why does it all have to happen at once and just when I had planned a nap.

Do you think this has any surreptitious dastardly thing to do with the date?

*Looks over shoulder*


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