My current tipple

My current tipple

I’m taking a break.

I fired up the BBQ at 11:30.

Some beef, pork, liver,  garlic bread and…. beer.

The BBQ is now recovering, me too.

Got more to go once the coals are right, it’s going to be one of those days.

I drank the last of the Bavaria, and am now back to Brahma. It was a welcome break, taste-wise and pocket-wise, Bavaria is R$3.00 compared with Brahma’s R$4.50. It’s not a bad drop.

Just been out to check, seems the coals recover quicker than I do.


Nearly ready

I have just woken from a mid-BBQ nap and threw some more charcoal on the embers. I figured at least I would have time for a post, or two. But, I am barely done.

Clorinha is a sadist, at least she has a sadistic streak. I’ve mentioned before that she loves to bite, it’s more fun than being petted. Well, I’ve discovered that she purrs when she’s in a biting mood. Not at all like her father who purred like a little Cummins diesel motor when he was petted. She’s going to have some serious psychotherapy over this.

I learned a new word the other day, fartiferious; now I have to learn how to use it. I mean, I know how to implement it, but to use it in language. At least I’ve won at google… no results and no images. Stick that up your algorithms!

I should go and Brahmaficate and put some more dead cow and other morsels on those lovely coals.

Later… it’s beer o’clock, again.