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Three o’bloodyclock

monday-memes-mercury1That’s the time my day started!

Couldn’t sleep because of the cold, it shrunk my bladder.

Finally denapped about seven, to find not one, but two cats asleep within striking distance on the sofa. Yes, it looks like Clorinha and Kitty have made an uneasy truce. Oh, I must explain, Kitty when said in Portuguese, is pronounced Kitchy, just so you don’t get it wrong. She had a leisurely breakfast until Clorinha batted at her with a “‘it’s-my-turn” paw.

I made coffee, and settled in front of the ‘puter. I had already achieved most of my posting at three o’bloodyclock.

This morning I have to get money from the money machine, pay my rent, buy a new mouse and get some Enos. Now, isn’t that exciting?

It’s Monday, what can go wrong?

The possibilities are infinite.

At least there won’t be any students ringing me to cancel classes… I don’t have students on a Monday.

I am not suffering today, I had two leftover pizza halves with beer last night. Ah, that was after the bottle of Bordeaux with lunch.

So far, I have had an exciting morning. I got a new bottle of gas. It’s the simple things in life that make it worthwhile.

I see in the news that people are complaining about people having BBQs in public places… wankers. Take a leaf out of the Brazilian handbook; where you complain, but you complain about not being invited. We have BBQs in the praça all the time; there were two yesterday.

I am between two thoughts, have a nap, or go to town…

The bed is closer.



I’ve Lost it!


Poof! gone

My favicon has disappeared from this blog.

It’s still on all the others, but it’s gone from here; and I don’t know how to get it back.

I have googled it, and it tells me how to install, but the details are much more complicated than when I originally opted to use a favicon and I can’t figure out how I did it.

Anyone with any ideas is welcome to comment.

I felt like this

I felt like this

Yesterday, I had planned to make fizzy mango juice for lunch, but I opted to make a mango slushie.

It was so yummy, but numbed my frontal lobe totally, oh the headache.

I have finally managed to catch up with the dishes from New Year BBQs.

Then my ex suggested a BBQ today.


When I replied “okay, but you make the salads and do the dishes,” the phone went [Click!].

Cloro spent the night on the town. When I arrived home, he was nowhere to be seen. Fears of his catnapping again… But this morning when I opened the gate, he came running across the road from under the bushes in the park; paused before he came in, he looked at me and meowed with a “Well, I hope breakfast is ready” look, sauntered in rubbing against my leg as I closed the gate.

Much cooler today, overcast, tolerable.


My latest creation for my Fizz blog.

Most of my blogging has been done, just two posts to go and I have no idea about what yet, but the day is young, inspiration may/may not strike at any moment.

So, while I am waiting to be struck…

A nap.


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