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Chickens don’t Fart

Who, me?

Who, me?

Apparently this is the main environmental concern with poultry/beef and mutton. I didn’t see a mention about pigs, I presume pigs fart.

The production of methane is the issue.

Then I read yesterday that 66% of British poultry is contaminated with camphylobacter… which causes thousands of dodgy stomachs every year.

Then I read that cows eat grass… well, duh, they’re meant to, humans can’t eat grass; whereas chickens are in direct competition to humans for high quality grain.

What it boils down to is we’re damned if we do, and damned if we don’t.

So, what about human flatulence? Isn’t our flatulence methane, or is it some rosy non-smelly stuff?

Yes, maybe we should be looking at taxing humans who fart

Yes, maybe we should be looking at taxing humans who fart

Now if we bring in the human element and measure against cows, who produces the most methane?

As a parting shot… just be glad cows aren’t raised on garlic and cabbage!



 Clorinha had a tiring day…

Romping around the praça, visiting the botequim, chasing the boy cats next door; life is just so exhausting.

By 8pm she was zonked on the sofa

By 8pm she was zonked on the sofa

Then she stopped out all night. She came for her nightly boomp when I went to bed, then jumped off the bed and didn’t come home until the third coffee.

Strange plant.

Some years ago, I saw this plant in a neighbour’s front yard and was informed that it had to be grown from a fallen seedling.

Sharing a tin with a tomato and two papaya trees

Sharing a tin with a tomato and two papaya trees

I don’t know what made me do it, but a couple of months ago, I passed one in the street and snapped a twig off it. Once in the water at home on the windowsill, it sprouted roots and I transplanted it. The tomato and mamão (papaya) are self sown from the compost I filled the tin with.

Dark green upper leaf and dark purple underneath.

Dark green upper leaf and dark purple underneath.

Any ideas as to what I am growing?

Fourth blog today, halfway there.

Must blog along on this sunny Thursday morning, then it’s off to town to buy a SIM memory for my new cellphone and off to the supermarket for some therapy. I am going to Extra today, they have Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce and a roasting dish with a heavy base that won’t buckle when I make the gravy like my current one.

Oh, the excitement, sends shivers all over.



I went to bed with May

And we weren't playing yoyos

And we weren’t playing yoyos

…and I woke up with June.

It’s not often I wake up with a different woman than I went to bed with. I’m not saying ‘never’ because it has happened… um, twice.

Ah, the folly of youth.

I found an old photo. One taken the last time I lived in Cuzco, Peru.

An odd set of circumstances.

I met a guy in Norton Rat’s Tavern, a bar on the main plaza owned by an oboe-playing American ex-biker, who unearthed my interest in shooting and invited me to participate in the local smallbore (.22) club.

I did. I met him on the appropriate street corner, and we went to the outdoor rifle range in the middle of the city. The range was rudimentary at best, but I took my turn.

As soon as the targets were examined I was invited to represent Peru in a fullbore (7.62) event that weekend against Bolivian and Chilean clubs.

Here I am, at the military range near Calca

Here I am, at the military range near Calca

The rifles belonged in a museum, some were so dilapidated that the woodwork was tapped together with insulation tape (you can see it between the front and mid bands. The first detail, my rifle bolt was so full of oil that with each shot my forehead was sprayed with hot oil; quite unnerving.

When I proceeded to dismantle the bolt to remove the excess oil, the RSO (Range Safety Officer) was aghast, “You can’t do that!” When he realised that I knew more about the rifle than he did, he shut up and let me alone, watching with interest.

The following details were much more comfortable.

We won the day.

That was the last time I shot, 2001 just before I returned to Brazil.

Clorinha had a sore eye yesterday after we had been playing in the praça; her left eye was all but closed. I noticed this at bedtime; she was particularly in need of cuddles. I fell asleep with her purring under my chin, as I dreamed of how I was going to get her to the vet. This morning, all gone, eye open.

Yesterday I assembled the table parts that I found. It’s bigger than I expected. Now, I have the problem, of where to put it. I also have to get/make a centre; before considering that problem. It is one of those tables with a glass centre, replacing it with suitable glass could be a very expensive exercise. So I am considering a wooden centre covered with white vinyl to contrast the dark wood.

China has called the American and Japanese dialogue about China’s claims to the sea between China, Philippines and Vietnam at an Asian conference ‘unacceptable’.

It doesn’t consider that the rest of the world considers its maritime claims equally unacceptable; myopic bastards.

FIFA is in the deep poo again. Turns out that the vote for Qatar as the evenue for 2022 was marred by £3m worth of corrupt payments to support the Qatari cause. There are now calls for a re-vote.

Lunch today, I have a large inch-thick beef chop, it will be cubed and curried and eaten with boiled minted potatoes and battered cauliflower florets; oh, nom noms.

My debauchery knows no ends.




A Reluctant Start

Wish I could train Lixo to do this... I would make Labor Day perfect

Wish I could train Lixo to do this… I would make Labor Day perfect

Yesterday my excuse was procrastination, today reluctance.

Today is 1st May, Dia do Trablaho (Labor Day). I have coffee and am fully prepared to do nothing all day. May is a weird month to have Labor Day, I grew up with Labour Day in October, oh I get so confused.

I have just taken the meat out of the freezer, going to have BBQ all day. Big juicy hunks of pork and beef. Well, they’re not juicy at the moment, sort of hard and crusty, but give them a couple of hours. Good thing this is not my beefless week.

firefoxaddonI am wary of all this modern technology. I don’t have ad ons and apps. I don’t like them, I don’t trust them.

But I discovered that Firefox has a useful one, so cute and fluffy.

I am talking about the ad blocker. I got frustrated one day, and it happened to be the day that I read a post on a techy-type blog about FF ad-on that blocks annoying advertising, so I installed it and am mildly pleased with the results. It doesn’t block all ads, but my frustration level has been reduced by half; the rest I reduce by adding more coffee.

The padeiro (breadman) has just been, a BBQ isn’t complete without garlic bread sizzling on the grate. The way people cook garlic bread has always amused me. It has been my observation that people always toast the butter side first. This is just plain stupid, and indeed belongs in the annuls of stupidity. If you grill the butter side first the butter and garlic all drips off on to the coals; sure smells wonderful, but what a waste. Grill the off-side first and the butter permeates through the bread and stays there when you flip it over.

*Need more coffee*

caixa_leite02Here’s a random thought.

When you open a box of milk, it has instructions ‘abra aqui’ (open here), you can see it there on the box.

What happens if you don’t obey the law and open the other side?

Does the milk come out backwards?

You see, although I am fast approaching my dotage, I still have an alert and inquiring mind.

There is so much in the world that needs to be examined.

With that, I will blog along. This has been a three-coffee post, no cats were injured writing, but that could change if I find cat hair on the clean black shirt that I left on the sofa.




Dead clock

My wall clock has died.

I am still running on 10:30, and the lunch hour has been and gone.

Rained last night, rain a lot, rained a lot this morning too. The rain leaked through the ceiling and onto my new carpet. I am not amused.

Last night in the rain the net went down for about three hours.

I was in the middle of writing to my brother, who had sent me a copy of Mum’s will. It was hard seeing her signature, knowing that it is probably the last one I’ll ever see.

I have resolved to eat less beef. I discovered that beef has a huge water footprint. See posts here and here on Eco-Crap. But I love my BBQ… I have actually resolved to have beefless weeks each month. So this week, being my first beefless week, the menu is chicken and pork.

missingfileI was looking for a file last night… but couldn’t find it.

Why doesn’t Windows have a warning for this?

Windows is so inefficient.

I would have accepted the wine option.

It’s too late to have my planned lunch, which was to be roast chicken and potatoes. I will go and gaze deeply into my fridge after this post and see what I can rustle up quickly.

I maintain that I learn something new everyday; as indeed I did today…

incredible_animal_facts_06There, that puts a whole new slant on a “threesome”.

My next question is, why?

I’ll have to google that later.

Later, I’m off to peer into my fridge, beats contemplating my navel here thinking about lunch.

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