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Hot Spell

I wish my neighbour hadn't sold his pick up

I wish my neighbour hadn’t sold his pick up

H – O – T

That’s how you spell it.

Yes, our hot spell continues. More than a month without rain and very low humidity. The bushes in the praça are suffering, all doing a serious wilt. I have to water Clorinha’s guava tree each day. Now it has plenty of new shoots.

All my plants get a good water daily too. The two guava trees (one pink and the other white fruit) have heaps of blossoms, so it looks like a bumper crop.

It’s about 40ºC+ (106ºF) at the moment.

Last night was a disaster at work. Three classes and not one student arrived. 4½ hours of waiting.

fridayAll I can say is TGIF, but then I have another screwed up Saturday ahead with classes. I can’t complain because I need them, The factory where we get a lot of students from has issued a directive that all language class contracts are cancelled as from the end of October. They are feeling the economic pinch too. I know that I have lost one student and I’ll find out about the Friday night group tonight.

Not cooking lunch today, it’s too hot.

I’ll cheat and wait for an after work pizza, and let them steam their buns off.

Not surprised. New Zealand got a place on the UN Security Council by sucking up to the Americans and letting them spy on the internet.

I read a shocking story last night. Whisper app is the most dangerous place to be. They are stooges for the American spying apparatus.

Twitter is to begin retweeting tweets to your timeline in case you missed them. They plan to retweet tweets that maybe of interest to you… If they get that as wrong as they get people for me to follow it’s another useless freakin’ exercise.

12 red cards

12 red cards

How to play Argentine football. Twelve red cards in one match. I can’t decide if that’s awesome or abysmal. See the brawl on video for yourself. All I can say is thank heavens they don’t play cricket, they’d be armed with bats as well.

According to a medical charity, so far all the efforts to combat Ebola are having no impact.

I don’t usually drink on work days. But… it’s so hot, a liquid lunch is on the cards. I’ve got six hours to sleep it off.

The botequim is opening, I can hear the sliders going up…

I’m off, it just became beer o’clock!


*Puts pants on*


attachment-0012Now that I have your attention, I am back; as promised in the early hours.

I have absolutely no idea what I am about to write about, but that didn’t stop Obama from being president.

noideadoingSo let’s just trundle along and see what happens.

Whatever does happen will happen in the generous hour that I have allotted myself today instead of scrimping at the end of the day.

Coffee this morning was at 5am, so the day started early. I have, however, recovered with a lengthy Nap-fu practice; and more coffee.

We have new carpet. Yes, the nice men from the council put new asphalt on our part of the road this morning. Now the fact that it is election year and that we have been asking for this for four years wouldn’t have anything to do with it, would it? Nah, they wouldn’t be so low…

I have a new record. My post Cold Feet has crept up to 20 Likes. *Dances around the room*

I sat down before I fell down.

I was amused to read a headline in the wee small hours, “IS is the biggest threat to America” I felt that they left something out, a word… Should it not have been finished by adding “…American oil” Maybe that’s just my jaded thinking.

The Russian convoy has invaded Ukraine… Is the shit about to hit the fan?

The day is warm, it appears that spring has sprung. The temps creeping up to the high 20s again and the nights not so cool. Last night I even tossed the blanket off.

I have one class tonight at 5:30, then it’s weekend. Once again I have nothing planned for the weekend I expect it to be very relaxed apart from posting on my blogs. Beer will certainly play a part/s as will football, and if one of the neighbours has a BBQ, then so be it; who am I to complain.

Having said that, my student just cancelled, so the weekend has started, and it seems to be beer o’clock…



Today is Lorem Beersum

Lots of footballerum

Lots of footballerum

Fishem chipsum for lunch

And football and beer for dinner!

Yes, all those months and years of planning, Valckes criticisms and Seth Balthermouth’s heartburn.

Kick off is only an hour and a bit away.

The opening ceremony is on telly now, and the Brazilian team have just arrived at the stadium.

Despite all the delays and worries, the World Cup is HAPPENING!

I will be off to the botequim shortly, about beer o’clock, so if i don’t do this now, done it won’t be.

They have rigged up a large screen to project the game, so all will see.

More mundane matters. Last night I asked one of the locals if he knew of a plumber who fixes roof tanks; turned out I was talking to one. Fortuitous. Reggie came around this morning and after trying several theories without success, he was up on the roof. Yes, the tank was full, despite his doubts that it was; yes the ballcock functioned as it should. He came to the conclusion that something was blocking the exit. I told him that in the first place. He took out a section of pipe, and sure enough two pieces of plastic bag were in the pipe.

I am not right ALL the time, but this time I was right again.

I now have water, no more cold showers this winter. He also replaced the element in the shower head, so now I will have hot hot water.

lorem_ipsumLorem ipsum…

Do you have any idea what it means? It appears Latin, but when it’s translated, it’s nonsense.

Apparently is was a piece of Latin literature, but it has been adulterated and some versions contain non-words and embarrassing phrases.

Seth Blathermouth is still fizzing at the bung, incensed that the EUFA have called for him not to run for FIFA president again.

He should listen, because not only EUFA are clambering for him to step aside, many at ground level want the same.

The Global Obesity Bomb

The Global Obesity Bomb

EU court has decided that obesity should be classed as a disability. It’s not, it’s an ‘ism’.

The global obesity problem could be solved simply if governments would legislate against HFCS and sweeteners in sodas and food.

It’s not so much junk/fast food, but the corporate use of HFCS, high fructose corn syrup has an imbalance of fructose that the body can’t process; the excess goes straight to the liver and gets converted to FAT. It has to be banned. HFCS is cheaper than normal sugar, so the corporations are once again putting profits above health.

I do believe the clock has ticked around to beer o’clock…

50 minutes to kick off.




OMG, I didn’t get here yesterday!

Horrible day.

First up, my student rang to move the lesson to tomorrow. Now that didn’t irk me too much, because I had things to do.

On my way to work the other night, I went to the Lotérica (betting shop) to pay my internet bill; after more than half an hour in line, I was informed that because it was past the due date I had to make the payment at the bank.

So, freed from obligations for the morning, I put on my big-boy jeans and went to the bank, another hour in the queue.

My old shorts, threatening to fall off me

My old shorts, threatening to fall off me

On the way back, I found some shorts. I needed to buy shorts. I bought some last week, but they were a bit skimpy, more like beach trunks. These were much more suitable; and reduced in price which was an added incentive. I really need shorts, because my old pair were about to fall off me.

Encumbered by my purchase, I headed off to pay the rent. New girl alone in the office couldn’t find anything. Finally paid the rent.

It was about then my tummy rumbled. A look at my cellphone told me it was lunchtime.

Off for lunch and a beer, satisfied and R$32 poorer, I headed home.


Classes at 5:30.

Today, my student came and went, nap.

Not very appetising when frozen

Not very appetising when frozen

I woke at two, and went fishing in my freezer. Caught some sole fillets, am now waiting for them to thaw. I have sprinkled freshly ground black pepper on them.

The intention is to serve them pan-fried with a white wine & parsley sauce and asparagus accompanied by the rest of the white wine.

Oh, I do live well when I have the incentive.

By then it should be beer o’clock. I have no other classes today, so I’ll put on my new shorts and head off to pay homage to master brewer of tasteless beer AMBEV the makers of Brahma.

Oh, remember those strange white bugs, the infestation has spread, there are now millions of them in the park and surrounding trees.

Later, off to make a sauce…

I need a Leek

Not that kind of leak!

Not that kind of leak!

First a reblog of part of a post I wrote on Things that Fizz & Stuff today.

A little nostalgia:

When I was younger, my father grew leeks in the garden, lots of leeks; so they featured on our table simply as a boring boiled vegetable.

My mother was not an imaginative cook. Don’t get me wrong she cooked well, but plainly.

I hated leeks.

I would turn up my nose, gag, threaten to throw up at the table if they appeared on my plate, until the beastly things were removed.

I grew up, and now quite enjoy leeks, even raw in a salad.

There just a little info from my childhood.

beeroclockBeen a warm day and I have determined that the clock is nearing beer o’clock.

But before I go, you lovely people need to be entertained.

I went to work yesterday, despite not having the incentive; and it’s just as well I did, because the bossette turned up unexpectedly. I growled at her, her day is Wednesday and by turning up today she was confusing an old man, was she trying to hasten my demise?

I stopped growling when she reminded me that it was the 10th… pay day, and she’d come to pay me. I had totally forgotten that it was the 10th, that it was pay day; this is surely a sign that dementia is taking hold.

My pay packet should have looked like this…


But it was rather more meagre. Such is my worth. But I was right, she had under paid me! When I challenged her, she showed me her photocopies of the day sheets…

There was a day unsigned. I couldn’t understand it. I raced off to get my originals… and there it was signed! She had taken the copies a day early.

Having suitably humbled my bossette and her promising to rectify the matter, I returned to class, almost skipping as I went.

Well, time has marched on, beer o’clock has arrived, I’ll make like the pigeons and flock off.


The Smell of Heaven

a-funny-coffee-quotesYes, I had coffee ready made this morning.

No, waiting that extra eight minutes.

Yesterday it cooled in the late afternoon, and even s few spits of rain that amounted to nothing. That was repeated at 11pm, big heavy rain drops, but again amounted to nothing.

I’ve lost track, but we are well into our third week of high temps, and even the Brazilians are complaining about it.

I feel I must clarify a comment that I made yesterday… When I said “I wish I could do that” I wasn’t referring to Cloro’s nuts as Andrew misconstrued cleverly. I did add a little story about a similar situation to my reply.

The lack of ruffling fur, I have put down to it disappearing when I opted for the clip to be ‘tweaked’ by YouTube to remove shakiness.

It's cooler under the kitchen sink

It’s cooler under the kitchen sink

I’m going have have a <rant>

I have been watching this new pope person carefully. Generally, he’s been doing okay and I have enjoyed his refreshing attitude to many of the antiquated Catholic policies.

But yesterday, he fucked up, totally fucked up.

He spoke about the evils of abortion. Now I’m not in favour of willy-nilly abortion, or abortion as a post-coitus contraception, but I am fully in favour of abortion as a life saving or social measure.

This pope person lambasted all abortion as evil, he totally missed the boat; where he could have pronounced a more moderate approach by the church by, for example, urging the decriminalisation of abortion. I’m not talking about the decriminalisation of backyard-abortionists, rather I’m talking about the women around the world in Catholic countries who are in prison for abortion. The granting of an amnesty for these women. Suggesting to countries like El Salvador (which has the strictest abortion laws in the world) to ease the laws and stop making women criminals. Easing up on situations like the Indian doctor who died in Ireland last year because doctors wouldn’t perform the abortion that would have saved her life.

He talks about the poor, easing up on abortion would go a long way to helping the poor, but then the church needs the poor, denying abortion creates more Catholics. If it wasn’t for the poor there would be NO Catholic church.

Yes, in my opinion, he fucked up and missed the boat.


I don’t apologise about the rant, but somethings really irk me.

50follsSAACI got a nice surprise the other day, my blog Some Animals are Crackers achieved this…

SAAC is my newest blog, and the stats are very modest, so it was gratifying to see that 50+ people are following. If you like animals, hope over and have a look, it’s not just ‘cats and dogs’.

Well, my afternoon student has cancelled; it’s too hot to go and pay the bills, so I am going to do the only sensible thing… submit myself to the rigours of beer o’clock.



Lethargy x Monday

monday-mornings-11866That’s today. I feel totally lethargic.

Started with morning coffee, no yesterday’s coffee to reheat quickly in two minutes, so I had to wait ten minutes while I made fresh. Do you have any idea what that extra eight minutes is like without coffee?

The neighbour’s cat was in eating Cloro’s breakfast. On it’s way out, I threw an empty water bottle, to hasten its exit, and almost clocked Cloro; and I thought, yes it’s Monday.

Yesterday I managed to escape most of the heat by napping. I finally woke about 5pm to find that it has clouded over and had a good breeze. Cloro followed me to the bar and sat under the table.



He was quite happy there, licking his nuts. Heck, if I did that, they’d arrest me.

Beautiful Tail

Beautiful Tail

And a shot showing off that magnificent tail.

Throwing this in as an experiment, YouTube tells me the ratio is wrong, I want to see.

That’s him getting his fur ruffled by the wind. I can’t see that the ratio is wrong… He still looks like a cat.

My ‘do nothing’ day yesterday became a do something. I had bought beetroot and they began to get a little soft, so they had to be cooked. Now I have two jars of beetroot pickling in vinegar.

I read today that Michelle Obama’s second inaugural gown is headed for the Smithsonian. WTF? It’s a dress, a very fancy red dress, but do we need things like this in the Smithsonian? Damn, put it in the rag bag where it belongs!

I hardly need to say that it’s Hot again. Had to water plants early.

My student today cancelled, which would have normally pleased me. Because it meant I didn’t have to go out in the heat, but I have to go anyway to collect my pay.

wineappYou can’t go anywhere on the net today with out finding ‘Apps’ for your i/smart phones. Why do we need them? We managed perfectly well for centuries without ‘Apps’; and now we can’t do without them. I am proud to say that I am Appless! That should probably be hapless, because I have no idea how to use half this stuff, and I’m doing just fine.

For example, if I want to find a good wine, I walk that extra distance to the wine store. I browse, I communicate, I marvel at the feel of a good Chardonnay balanced in my hands while I read the label. I DON’T need an app!


It’s small unimportant people trying to rise above their station and impress people.

Must go, it’s clouding over, which will make it tolerable for beer o’clock.


And on Sunday…

Ye shall rest, saith the Lord.

restareathumbSo I did.

Which is why I only have two posts done today You see I wasn’t the only one resting from my labours, the internet was as well. It was God awful slow.

So after washing the dishes and cleaning house, I tried to blog, but the ways of the net were not to be entertained, if fact, it wasn’t remotely entertaining, so I had a nap. It seemed the only sensible thing to do. Cloro helped me nap, he’s such a good boy.

When I woke it was lunchtime, so the next sensible thing to do was make lunch. It was faster than the internet.

I had a little pig.


Clean diced pork & parsley

Now God said that we can eat of the animals and fowl, but not pigs and a few others; they were unclean. But, as I’m not Jewish, I couldn’t see the problem.

I had golden cubes of pork in a parsley cream sauce, boiled potatoes and pumpkin with roast pumpkin seeds. Lunch was so yummy, nom, noms.

There was only formula One on TV, and a load of crap on the other channels, so after lunch I switched it off and read the news. Nothing good there either.

So the only sensible thing to do was return to resting.

I had another nap.

Helped by Cloro, of course. In fact, he’s still helping. He lifted his head briefly as I got up, and flopped back down, the effort exhausted him.

Now before I go off on my tangent, which is rather like a bicycle without a seat; one has to keep on ones toes, or it can be a little uncomfortable. I’ll share with you my secret for spicy roast pumpkin seeds.

spicy roasted pumpkin seedsYou need pumpkin seeds, wash them and let dry.

Make a marinade of olive oil, Tabasco sauce, garlic sauce (or chopped garlic), salt and, today, I had some chopped parsley left over, so in it went. Line a small oven dish with foil, spread the marinated pumpkin seeds in a single layer, and pop into a low pre-heated oven until golden.

Careful, the window between golden and burnt to a crisp is milliseconds. Serve. Can be used with food, or beer.

So, it is now beer o’clock. Time to take some pumpkin seeds to the botequim and watch football with beer. This is also called resting.

I may/may not return to blogging; the net is still resting.




The decision was not mine alone

The decision was not mine alone

Well, the point is proven beyond doubt.

A blog post needs penises and testicles to be successful. I would like to thank all of you who unwittingly took part in this ad hoc survey.

Half the morning has gone, blow divine eau where! (Comment if you can translate the italics).

emergencycoffeeCoffee, coffee and more coffee. I woke early enough, but at six the brain wasn’t functioning, so I went back to bed and woke at 8:30. It was about then that I needed an emergency coffee.

I took a break.

Thusly (my students love this word, I tell them it’s a dinosaur word, extinct), I was able to face the day’s postings; and, indeed, have been successful, just one post to go and I will have finished my daily quota.

Nissan has told Britain that if it leaves the EU, they’ll pull their financing or investments, or something. My response to that would be “Fine, f*&k off then!”

Caution: Token penis mention…

Now there is a squabble over which is the highest building in the world. Who cares? It’s all a massive case of penis envy; compensating… They’re like a bunch of twelve year olds, “Mines bigger than yours!”

Cloro wouldn’t let me go to work last night. She wanted to follow me, and she did twice, right across the park and I had to take her home each time. Fortunately, when I rang the student she wasn’t too worried because she was going to be late because of the traffic and we mutually agreed, no class.

No trimmings, just another piece of schnitzel

No trimmings, just another piece of schnitzel

All dressed up and no where to go. The clock quickly moved forward to beer o’clock. I thought about a solution, and decided to go to Brazeiro for a BBQ dinner, but then beer o’clock stretched on, and the idea no longer fitted in with my plans. I decided to stay home and had the last of the weinerschnitzel for dinner.

Today, I will have the BBQ in my yard for lunch, huge pork leg chop, chicken hearts and boneless beef ribs marinated in red wine. This last item made me think… if a cow doesn’t have bones, it would fall down.

It’s nearly time to start the makings, but first I must explore and find the bottom of the kitchen sink again. Why does it always disappear? Another of life’s mysteries to ponder.

Oh, remember that coin on the floor… it’s still there!


Every House Should Have One

anupsidedownpotplantYes, an essential item that we were lacking in our (Cloro & Me) house was an pot plant upside down in the bedroom doorway.

We now have one.

Cloro brought it in from outside, batted it around the kitchen, and it ended up in the middle of the bedroom doorway, where it remains.

I, like a fool, have stepped over it numerous times instead of picking it up and returning it to the outside where it belongs. But, I feel that would be demeaning the feline effort.

Cool, windy and rainy, that’s our weather. Nothing more to do apart from stay inside and blog.

I have an urge.

I painted some years ago and sold

I painted some years ago and sold

It has been niggling at me for more than a week. I want to paint again. But, I don’t have any paints, brushes or other paraphernalia; I’ll have to buy some in the coming week.

I haven’t painted for some years, but I feel I must.

It is said that if one has an itch, it should be scratched.

I read on BBC News that the US standing could be affected by the shutdown. I was under the impression that the US standing had already been affected by numerous actions in the past, so a little more damage won’t hurt.

Sour cream & onion

Sour cream & onion

I have never eaten Pringles before.

I always considered them to be an extravagance, totally unnecessary and expensive.

However, I noted that the average crisps weighed about 40gms, then I noted that Pringles had 139gms, which made them no more expensive that ordinary crisps, 4XR$2 was roughly 1xR$7 – 160gms @R$8 compared with 140gms@R$7.

When I noticed that they were on sale at the supermarket, I decided to try them. Nom noms. A little cream cheese plastered on the side made them all the more delicious. The packaging can also be repurposed with my coming return to painting. Lids for mixing paint, tubes for brushes and palette knives. Win, win!

China has 2,000,000 employees monitoring the web. That’s ridiculous. Just goes to show how paranoid they are that their communist regime is close to falling.

In Rio we have had a rising rate of protests. The latest group are teachers who have been on strike since August. The city council has just passed a law giving 6% of the teachers wonderful benefits. 6% is the number of 40 hour/week teachers, the rest are part time. The council have pushed ahead this legislation despite the teachers protesting. Obviously if the teachers are protesting then there is something wrong with the new law that ignores benefits for 94% of teachers. Politicians are so damned blind. If you’re doing something right, then there are no protests, obviously they are doing something wrong.

The world would be so much better of without politicians.

I had resurrected pizza for brunch, I am contemplating lunch by which time it should be beer o’clock.

The pot plant is still in the doorway…


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