Beer de jour

Beer de jour

BBQ lunch is on the way. Sunny day, not too hot, just ideal for a small personal BBQ and beer.

A slight departure from my normal Brahma or Bohemia, the supermarket didn’t have packs, so I got a beer that was in a pack.

Unfortunately it doesn’t grow on trees.

Which would be good because it’s rather yummy.

The steak is progressing, salted with rock salt, and peppered with cracked black peppercorns on the other. I just turned it, the smell of cracked pepper on the ‘Q is awesome wafting threw my window on the air from the fan.

It’s not a news worthy day, a bit like yesterday’s programme, just insert ‘Q instead of the late breakfast.

Found this on the net yesterday:


Makes one understand why Canadians like Canada…

Then I found this:


Being a New Zealander albeit an expat, I had to agree.

The ‘Q is nearly done, bread rolls beautifully toasted, steak on the turn…

Lots of fire left, so I peppered a couple of frozen Merluza (Hake) fillets just to see what happens.

It’s time to study my beerography…