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Is Monday gone yet?

TGInotMondayBoy, that was a rough one.

But I survived.

Now I’m safely in Tuesday.

I did the dishes yesterday… then I cooked lunch. Now I need to do the dishes again.

I have supermarketed. Spent R$151, but when I put it all away in the cupboards and fridge it looks as though I need to go to the supermarket still.

Had a couple of wonderful ham, lettuce and mustard sandwiches when i got home.

My afternoon student has cancelled, so just one class today at 6pm. Leaves me plenty of time to finish this post comfortably. I’ve already done the rest.

Cool day today, overcast, trying to rain. It has pitterd and pattered a couple of times, but nothing like we were promised.

Recently I have been following a South African blog, Boeta. It’s a mixed blog, family and nature and has some wonderful stories and some wonderful nature shots.

Karoo Robin or Scrub-Robin (Cercotrichas coryphoeus)

There’s a sample for you.

Andrew, if you happen to be reading, you may well enjoy these photos. I haven’t seen your avatar there.

I am cooking off some betroot ready for pickling. I just love pickled beetroot; and it’s always popular when I have a BBQ. Brazilians just eat it boiled, or grated finely raw on salads. No imagination.

There’s been a report floating around this week that our Blonde Bimbo felt dizzy after a political debate against her rival for president. I wonder why that made the news because she’s been dizzy for years.

Pretty poppies everywhere

Pretty poppies everywhere

Silly box candidates for today… Northern Ireland for introducing a law to target prostitues’ clients in an effort to get rid of prostitution. These politicians are so pathetic, until they tackle the real cause of prostitution, marriage, it won’t ever go away.

And the USA for spending $7.8bn on anti-drug measures in Afghanistan only to have a record bumper crop like never before. Money wasted. Imagine the impact if that money had been spent on education programmes to reduce opium usage at home…

Other headline news, Kate is pregnant again. The world is to have yet another prince/ss. Whoopi!

South African athlete Oscar Pistorius is sentenced to five years in jail for killing his girlfriend. Fine, now maybe we’ll get some real news.

The beetroot is cooked. Time to go and pickle it.


Evicting Polar Bears

polar-bear-global-warming-1This morning I opened my fridge and the polar bears were dancing with glee chanting there’s no global warming here!

How wrong they were. There was so much ice around the thermostat that the fridge has stopped being a fridge.

Now, I am in the middle of a major defrost. The fridge ice is melting faster than Greenland’s glaciers.

The kitchen floor floods when I do this, so I have to be on hand evry ten minutes with a squeegee to send the flood out to the yard.

Thank you to all those who wished a me pre-Birthday wishes, much appreciated.

b29e6e0708f50c5c65e8576f70aeea52Remember yesterday, I feared that something worthy of a Monday could happen? It did! At the supermarket checkout, all my buyings packed and ready to go… and I discovered my bank card wasn’t in my wallet. Luckily the big white chief was within shouting distance and came to the rescue. He let me go with the shopping and to pay later. The frete (delivery) driver said he’d never seen that before. I have had several conversations with him over the couple of years since the supermarket opened, so was on quite good terms. The truth of the matter was, I had no idea where my card was… I couldn’t be sure I hadn’t lost it, which would have meant a delay in paying. Luckily, when I got home, it was with the receipt from the botequim, where I paid last Thursday. Pheeeew!

So, yes, shit happens on Mondays.

Pickjled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

Pickled beetroot, yummy with beef and beer

I’ve started readying things for BBQs at the end of the week. Last night boiled up some beetroot and it’s now in jars pickling in the fridge alongside the pickled onions.

I have to make some sauerkraut today and some chimichurri, which is a sort of Argentinian pesta with garlic. Garlic butter is also on the agenda. I love garlic bread with a BBQ.

I read a post yesterday that mentioned lomo saltado, which is a Bolivian/Peruvian alpaca steak dish. The name has always amused me. Lomo saltado, translated literally means “jumped alpaca steak”. What is that? An alpaca that has been jumped. I’d rather not know about the sex life of my meal.

Talk about US intelligence. How effective is their intelligence gathering? They have admitted that they didn’t know about the attack on the islamists at Libya’s airport by unknown aircraft, it “took them by surprise.” So much for their great intelligence network.

Russia is claiming that their latest military incursion into Ukraine was a mistake by troops that got lost. Pull the other leg, it’s got bells on it!

Some years back – five/six or so, on blogs long gone, I dared to suggest that the US was on the path to becoming a Spanish speaking third world country. Boy did I get rubbished for that. So much so, that one of my blog followers whom I knew well unfollowed having taken umbrage at the mere thought. I was later vidicated by the publishing of a book touting the same idea by a prominent American political writer.

Today I read that for the first time US schools will have a non-white majority this coming school year. 51%, but it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Sorry, Jim, how wrong was I?

Warm and sunny, hotter than nyesterday, expected high, 35ºC.

Nothing planned until 6pm when I have class.

I have another post teetering on a new record… Yay! Can it tip the scales?

Still posts to do, so I’ll blog along.






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